Dreams & Prayer


We all know we need to spend more time with God in prayer, but sometimes we struggle to know what to pray. The Bible tells us that dreams are significant because God uses them to speak to us sometimes. One reason He speaks to us through dreams is to call us to pray. Here is a step-by-step procedure to begin praying based on your dreams:

1. Before you drift off to sleep, ask God to give you dreams only from Him.
2. After you awaken, write down your dream. Be sure to include every person, every emotion, and symbols.
3. Ask God to help you interpret it.
4. Look for symbols in the dream. Use a Christian dream dictionary if necessary. Click here and here  to access free Christian dream dictionaries. (The dictionaries were based on Biblical symbols.)
5. Pray into the emotions, people, and symbols shown in the dream.

Dream: I tried to go upstairs, but I could not because this giant shadowy hand of the devil was holding me down.

Symbols: STEPS – Signs of spiritual progress.

Prayer: Lord, I pray Satan would not impede my spiritual progress but You would make my walk easy for You have said “my burden is easy and my yoke is light.” Thank You, Lord. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

It may sound complicated, but it will become easier with practice. Give it a try.

-ALWAYS use discernment. Do not do anything or pray for anything if it does not agree with the Bible.

-ALWAYS use Christian dream dictionaries.

After you have prayed your dreams for awhile, your dreams will increase in frequency and become less focused on you and more steered by the Almighty Father. Who and what will God have you pray for in your unusual dreams? Pursue the interpretation to hear God’s message more clearly. In that way, you will draw closer to God. May God lead you closer to Him in your waking and sleeping hours. God bless!

© 2015 Kim Bond

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