Is He or She the One?


Single people walk around with a romantic notion in their heads. It is this idea that God has created a perfect match for them, and they should spend their lives looking for that person who will fulfill their every need. In a sense, that impression is true. The perfect match for all people is out there in the man called Jesus Christ. We should spend our lives discovering more about Him. It is only through Him we will find the wholeness we are seeking. You are probably still wondering who you should marry and how to find them though.

God tells us in Matthew 6 that we should not waste time worrying, but we should instead “Seek first the kingdom and his righteousness.” This advice applies to worrying about who your future spouse will be. Genesis 2:18 states God created woman to be a “helper” to Adam. God may bring someone alongside you to be your helper after you have thrown yourself into a focus on Jesus. An example of ways you can do this is to learn more about Christ by reading His Word and other Christian books, fix your attention on serving in a ministry, and learn to gain freedom from sin.

I once met a man and a woman that lived in the same town but did not know each other. Both answered God’s call to be a missionary and flew halfway around the world. In that faraway country, God caused them to meet and fall in love. Together, they worked as servants of God—helping one another bring souls to Christ. When you seek God’s kingdom and righteousness, God may send a helper to you.

If God has sent this helper to you, he/she will be a Christian. You will be attracted to one another. You will be interested in marrying each other. You will pray about marriage and in His own way God will approve of your decision. After you have married this person, you will realize this is the “one” God knew beforehand you would marry. You both can continue to rest in the fact that you have your perfect match in Jesus even if your marriage gets rocky.

“Do not worry” should not be misunderstood to mean “do not pray.” Persevere in prayer that God would send someone in your path if it is His will, and if not that He would remove your desire to be married. Also pray for patience to wait for your future spouse. Look around you! God may have already sent someone perfect for you. Don’t look back and regret though. Unless God has told you something different, assume old relationships did not work out for a reason.

You may know of some Christian that never married and are worried this will become your fate. Single Christians can and do have lots of fun and freedom. Plus they can relax in knowing they found their perfect match in Jesus Christ who fulfills their every need.

© 2015 Kim Bond

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