Undignified (prayer)


(I have begun a new project called “Pray With Me.” In the future, it will be made into a free ebook…but why wait? Read on to join me in prayer.)

Lord, If You had not reached down and

Subdued my stubborn heart

And my love for sin,

Where would I be right now?

Not here—on high—where You have placed me

Next to Your Son,

Not here on this plateau of peace

Under this waterfall of free-flowing mercy.

Like Ruth, I have said “Redeem me,”

Like Mary, I wept bitterly for You.

I come boldly before Your throne, Almighty God,

Though I am small and undignified,

To beg mighty miracles,

For in You all is possible.

The angels rejoiced on the day my eyes were opened,

Let them rejoice again for another sinner turned saint,

Because You have drawn them near to You

And claimed them from the grave.

Let the captives be released!

Let those asleep in Christ awaken from their slumber!

Arise the depressed and hopeless to see

This is a new thing God is doing.

Give birth to joy, all who don barren souls,

Ring the church bells and sound the chimes,

For the Author and Finisher of faith

Has redeemed our souls.

Cry out to those who are deaf to the Lord

And shake them who are blind to His words

For God’s warhorses are on the move

Don’t stand in the way Lest you be trampled.

Get up and join with me to sing In this victory parade.

His Son has won! And we are His kingdom.

His glory is new each day,

And His love never ends. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

© 2015 Kim Bond

Draw Near exists to glorify God and help others draw near to Christ by providing free resources. Click here to learn more about God and here to access free Christian ebooks. Thanks for visiting. Stay blessed!

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