In the Wilderness (prayer)

(Please join me in this prayer of confession and repentance.)

Lord, I tell You the truth

Satan led me into the wilderness

He tempted me with bread

And I ate.

Yet You did not give into temptation

Your divine nature triumphed over sin

I confess my weakness to You.

I stand on grace.

I live in mercy.

It is sufficient to cover my sin

But I will press onward to the goal

To overcome my patterns of sin,

As I am transformed to Your likeness

By the Spirit living within me.

One day—yes, one day

I will beat Satan

And conquer my own repetitive sins

Through the strength in Christ Jesus—

My Lord, my Love, my All in All.

I will be undone in the One

Who gave His life for me

On the cross of Calvary

For the sins of the world.

He shed blood like tears

For those who were perishing

As He still does today

For those who reject Him.

Meet me here in the wilderness

And reject Satan’s temptation

So that we may live

Our lives to the fullest—

Free from the sin

That leads us to death.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.


© 2015 Kim Bond

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