Wholesome Endeavors

1 JOhn 4 7(Join me in prayer about modern and future scientific advancements.)


Thank You for the Christian contribution to scientific advancement

Especially those made in medicine, healthcare, and technology.

We pray You would continue to inspire new innovations

To improve life and alleviate human suffering through Your servants.

We pray mankind would take a stand against

The unethical and illegal use of scientific advancements,

Especially those related to pharmaceuticals, food production, and medical procedures.

We pray mankind would turn away from

Sinful and illegal behavior made convenient by technology

Including communicating for the purpose of hacking, terrorist activity, and human trafficking.

We pray Your people would fear You enough

To avoid involvement in unethical or questionable research

But would continue to pursue endeavors that promote

Wellbeing for all including the sick and impoverished

For we know whatever we do for the least of these

Has been done for You, our Beloved Lord.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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