Satan’s Banquet (poem by me)

The man sat at a fine table,
Satan said Let’s sup,
He set before him recklessness,
The man drank from the cup.

When he had finished,
He gave him goblet number two,
He drank of satiety,
Drowsiness began to ensue.

Satan set down a black goblet,
The man said No thank you sir,
But he insisted,
He who drinks the second must drink the third.

The final cup,
To the man he gave,
Robbed him of his life,
And sent him to his grave.

Satan hides a secret chamber,
Blazing hell is behind the door,
The horrible pit is filled with shrieks of pain,
And every kind of horror.

Won’t you come and plead,
The blood of Jesus with me,
Refuse the devil’s banquet,
And you will be set free.


*Satan’s Banquet (the poem) is based on a sermon of the same name by a talented preacher named C.H. Spurgeon.

© 2015 Kim Bond

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