Curiosity (poem by me)

(I’ve been posting a lot short poems lately. Here’s a long one to change it up.)

All day long, Juliet would continue to sit at the window;
She’d stare out of the grand castle and become hypnotized by a dead old tree
That had grown in the dunes of sand which were prevalent in the land;
To your servant, she gave a command to soothe her curiosity;
For the first time, they’d leave the castle’s confines and all of its safety
To fulfill her longing to see this dead black tree.

I admit to airing my opinion though it wasn’t my dominion;
I valiantly promised to protect milady and her baby,
Although the journey was a waste of time for anyone of sound mind;
The castle a funny thing to leave behind with its amazing beauty,
Juliet refused me and readied the baby accordingly.

We stepped onto the dune from a concrete step shaped like a half-moon,
Left behind an arched doorway and slowly yet steadily arrived at the tree,
Milady lost her fascination when we arrived at the destination,
She conceded a misplaced temptation and wanted to turn promptly;
She decided to head to the west castle door for a change of scenery,
Since we’d left from the east castle door originally.

I lead the excursion walking before milady and her baby,
We neared the concrete step from the sand to the castle when suddenly
I was in quicksand up to my neck; I reached up for the step,
Turned my head in regret to see Juliet and the baby
Drowning in the sand helplessly;
Then an arm reached up and seized me.

I had to ask milady, “Where is your baby?”
I could not stand the thought she’d let go of her selfishly;
“Milady, go down in the quicksand once more and get your newborn,”
Although she looked torn, she dove in the sand sacrificially.
Time seemed to stop, I could not see anybody,
but then I reached down and they emerged victoriously.

We sat breathlessly on the step and listened as the baby wept,
We smiled at one another as we laughed sheepishly,
The doors opened to a beautiful sight—an outpouring of warm familiar light,
She was filled with delight when her staff greeted her happily,
Everyone went about their tasks busily,
Synchronously ignoring us or just smiling cheerfully.

Juliet insisted that I should find a way to make a sign,
To lean at the western door for all to see,
So I asked if anyone would lend me a pen.
I could find none although I tried mercilessly,
A woman pointed to a staircase behind me,
“Have you asked the man upstairs where one could be?”

I went up the stairs and found a man there;
I told him what I was seeking; he smiled incessantly;
He filled my request with kindness and respect;
I wished him the best and thanked him graciously;
I returned down the stairs expediently
And wrote the sign very clearly.

No one seemed concerned about the hard fact we’d learned,
That Juliet nearly met with death along with her baby;
So I took up the pen and began to write again;
I started to write this poem that all could read the warning personally;
If you live in a castle with cheerful people and safety,
Avoid the temptation to stray from it—especially to settle mere curiosity.

*This poem was written in remembrance of a friend of mine who suffered from a prescription drug addiction which resulted in an accidental overdose.

© 2016 Kim Bond

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