Diagnosis (poem by me)

Head spinning, breathless, bleakness,
All goes black, nauseousness, weakness,
Get me to the infirmary,
Oh God, be merciful to me.

Sterile smells, white sheets, ugly tiles,
Little pricks of blood in viles,
There’s a mistake; it cannot be,
Oh God, be merciful to me.

There’s a time to fight and be still,
Get the insurance and find the will,
Don’t fret; the Lord I soon shall see,
Oh God, be merciful to me.

I was inspired to write this poem after my aunt was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. We prayed for her daily, and she held on for several months. Yet, near the end of her fight she said she was ready to let go of her spirit…and she did. On the other hand, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. The following year, she announced she was cancer free. I believe God knows when we will be born and when we will die. We need God’s mercy every moment in between. As the psalmist says in Psalm 31:15, “My times are in your hands.” I pray we will be mindful of God’s gracious mercy today and every day. Thanks for reading and God bless!

© 2016 Kim Bond

*Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection is FULL. Thank you to all who submitted and prayed for its completion. This free ebook will be coming soon!

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