Hollow Bottle (sijo poem by me)

A hollow bottle floats amiss in an infinite sea, 
A sea teaming with vibrant colors and wondrous life forms,
Yet the bottle says to himself, “I am so all alone.”

John 14: 16 states: And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever…

© 2016 Kim Bond

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One thought on “Hollow Bottle (sijo poem by me)

  1. I relate to this poem as often when I am going to bed alone at night I think “why am I alone, why don’t I have a boyfriend?” It is, of course, wonderful, warm and intimate to have a partner to share your bed with. But, in fact, I am surrounded by people in my life offering me support, more than I can cope with or have time for. I am surrounded with love yet like the bottle I feel alone. I wonder if this is because I don’t really have a family as my only relative, my father, is very distant and never phones me on my birthday or Christmas even though I am his only child?


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