Beseech His Grace (poem by me)

The nations who pine after riches
are stricken with destitution;
Countries who lost their hope
have children in prostitution;
Nations with proud heritages
are taunted by afflictions;
Those who proclaim they are free
are tethered by addictions.

Who among men will plead their case?
Let those who call on God beseech His grace.

Agree in prayer for the nations right now as you read this free ebook:  Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection.

3 thoughts on “Beseech His Grace (poem by me)

  1. Dear Kim, Bravo! I love this poem so much!

    I pray many will agree in prayer for the nation’s as they read your amazing ebook! This work has the potential to move many mountains of obstacles in countries and nations all over the world!

    May many hearts be turned toward Jesus, and knees be bent in prayer, beseeching for the nation’s, Amen!

    Always in gratitude for my inclusion in this wonderful calling! May God bless your future assignments for Him, standing with you in prayer here in Australia!

    Always in Christ, Sandra L Hickman

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