The Villain (poem by me)

When I kissed those lips,
It was the same lips 
that had never been nursed 
by a mother's breast.

When I kissed your cheek,
It was the same cheek 
that had one day been slapped 
by your mom in a fitful rage.

When I signed on the line,
I should have read the fine print,
that most days you would 
inwardly cringe from me,
as you once cringed from her,
and you would live in fear
you would be abandoned
because she had forsaken you.

I only ask that you give me 
a clean slate—a fresh start,
I ask you to see me for me 
instead of making me 
into shadow puppets
of your villainous mother.

*This is a FICTIONAL poem written from the perspective of a woman who had married 
a man with a harsh childhood. The truth is I am married to a well-adjusted man 
with a caring mother.

**Pray for the nations. It is easy with this free ebook: 
Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection.

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