Call for Submissions

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good….”—Genesis 1:31

Draw Near is currently accepting Christian poetry submissions for a new free ebook. The theme is CREATION so poems about anything created by God will be shown preference. The theme could include a variety of subjects such as a man or woman, an introspective view into yourself, a character profile of someone else, a relationship, an animal, a plant, a continent, a country, a landscape, etc. Write about something you love and how it relates to God. All forms (except shape poetry) will be accepted. Draw Near desires to showcase a variety of rhyming, syllable, non-rhyming free verse, and newly invented poetry.

Carefully read the following guidelines before submitting.
1. Email your poem to Poems can be submitted in the email or as an attachment (.doc, .docx, .pdf). Avoid using special fonts and formats (such as centering, italics, etc). Include your poem’s title and “by” line in the email. (A pen name is okay.)
2. You may include a short biography (optional). If your poem is selected, Draw Near will share your bio in a blog. The bio should not exceed three sentences. One link to your personal website or social media is acceptable.
3. New or old poems will be accepted. Draw Near will gladly accept poems that you have published on the internet (on your website or a public forum). However, I am not interested in poems already accepted by other editors/publishers. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please notify Draw Near immediately if your poem is accepted elsewhere.
4. Submit a maximum of three poems. Only one poem submission will be accepted. Poems with indecent words or subjects will be rejected without consideration.
5. The deadline is November 20, 2016.
6. Unfortunately, you will not be paid for your submission. Please submit only if you wish to glorify God and help others draw near to Christ. All submissions will be read and acknowledged. However, Draw Near will only accept quality writing that adheres to these guidelines for publication.
• you certify you are the author of the creative work.
• you agree to give the publisher rights to publish your creative work in a single publication.
• you authorize the publisher to make this publication available in print and electronic formats.
• you agree to allow the publisher to post this publication on this website and other websites designed for hosting print and electronic formats.
• you retain the copyright to your work.
• you will be credited for your creative work (either as your real or pen name).

Still interested? Send in your poem to today!

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