Hide the Duct Tape (poem by me)

When we were first wed, my groom was hot,
He gave me things that could not be bought,
It wasn't until things got broke,
That I learned what his strengths were and were not.

I can fix stuff but I'm not that strong,
So my Honey-Do List was pretty long,
I was forced to admit in the end,
"Babe, it works but it's fixed completely wrong."

"You're smart and full of potential, Hank,
But fixing stuff with duct tape is so jank,
Buy a saw and a drill,
Go get some money from the bank."

Sixteen years later, I am proud to say,
Leaks and breaks don't keep him at bay,
He fixes things with skill,
And even trains our teen son named Trey. 

*Many of my poems are fiction, but this Rubaiyat poem truly captures
the amazing transformation of my wonderful husband. (Sadly, my cooking 
has not improved one bit since the day we married.)  

**Draw Near is now accepting poems for Blessed Creation:
A Christian Poetry Collection. Details here: Call for Submissions.

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