If Life is Kind (poem by me)

If life is kind to you…
you will see you are a only a breath
your life is merely a shadow
you are a vanishing mist
your flesh is withering grass.

Life treated me kindly…
for I saw I was a gust of wind
then the Lord breathed into me
now my spirit lives immortally,
and my heart is set on eternity.

[Biblical references for stanza 1 of this poem can be found in Psalm 144:4, James 4:14, 1Peter 1:24. For stanza 2, see Psalm 78:39, 1Peter 1:23, Ecclesiastes 3:11.] Read about God’s love for you in Draw Near’s latest free ebook called Blessed Creation: A Christian Poetry Collection? Read it HERE. Learn more about the poets HERE.

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