The Newlyweds (poem by me)

Her form was as dainty as porcelain,
Rose gold was the color of her dress,
She had cerulean eyes and ivory skin,
This lovely woman he yearned to caress.

Charcoal and smoke were the hues of his suit,
His hair was like a trimmed sable mane,
He smelled of cedar wood and citrus fruit,
She longed to make his body her terrain.

Glittering stars and glistening moonlight,
Conspired with all that is noble and true,
The man kissed his bride in the dark of night,
At their secluded rendezvous.

In God’s eyes, the two had become one,
Something that could never be undone.

*This poem is inspired by the beauty of marriage and the
belief that a husband and wife  can enjoy a playful romance.

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