Psalm to the Lord (by me)

Your ways are higher than my ways,
You are perfect, flawless,
Your deeds are worthy of honor & praise,
Be exalted over all worthless idols,
Let your glory spread like wildfire,
Your Name & Your Presence are more precious than gold to me,
You are awesome because You are good;
You are faithful when I am not;
You are merciful, giving much more grace than is deserved,
No one compares to You,
My heart sings a song for my Beloved;
Let it find You in perfect harmony, my Lord;
You are my God, You light my way, O Holy One,
I take refuge in You; You are my strength,
You are my Strong Tower,
You saved me from death—me and my loved ones,
When it was dark and death prepared to
strike like a python without warning,
When I had no hope or strength,
You were there with me in the dark night of my soul,
You held my hand for You care for the brokenhearted,
the downcast in soul,
You heard my prayer, You answered
swiftly like an eagle zeroing in on its prey,
You help me succeed in the public square,
You make onlookers wonder how;
I will tell them it’s You;
You are my strong arm,
The omnipotent One,
You are the key,
The omniscient,
You are my Father in heaven,
Creator of all the earth,
You are the Spirit inside me
purifying me of sin
Who made the universe?
You did, Mighty God.
Who made each one of us?
No one but You, Lord of all lords;
Who put the sun in the sky and
the moon to give its light at night?
The One who is Sovereign & All Powerful,
It is the Almighty God.

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