A Song of Praise

God Almighty is Your Name
You are sovereign
Your promises never fail
We praise You for You are good and faithful
Lord, your deeds are wonderful
You deliver us from addictions,
and give health to those laid low
You have freed us from the Enemy
and his plans for our lives…
plans for death and destruction
but You give us fullness of life eternally
We drink from the River of Life and so do our children
You watch over us and protect us
Your way is perfect
and we take refuge in You, our Rock and our salvation
Be exalted, oh God, for You are holy and mighty
You are over all the living.
The whole earth is Yours and everyone in it.
You deliver us from pestilence and disease.
You free us from poverty and put food in our mouths
We give You praise and honor and glory forevermore
You created all things and by Your will they have their being
They all do Your bidding.
The evil are motivated by their own wickedness,
but Your children long to serve You,
Your will is done.
Let Your glory fill the whole earth
and be exalted over every living thing
Your Word has been since the beginning
and is now seated at Your right hand on the throne
Your Lamb was slain and is now lifted up
You breathed new life into Him
Though He was once dead,
now He lives to intercede for us and wears royal crowns,
He has a sword coming out of His mouth
Our future is Yours, our King
We will make You lord of our lives for eternity
We will see a new heaven and a new earth
by Your Spirit living in us.
We lift You high.

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