What God Thinks of You (blog by me)

When you are faced with troubles, it can be tempting to think of God as an angry entity who despises you and cannot wait to punish you. However, Scripture tells us otherwise.

Have you ever watched a groom staring with intense love into the eyes of his bride? Isaiah 62:5 tells us that is how the Lord looks at us, and that He rejoices over us. God is overjoyed to know you, and He does know you. He knows everything (good or bad) we have ever done and all of our thoughts and motivations. You are known and loved by the God of the universe.

Think of a loving parent caring for his child. Hosea 11:4 tells us the Lord is like one who bends down to lift up a child. He leads you around with cords of human kindness. He is directing you down the path of His perfect will. All you must do is follow.

God’s wrath has been completely and totally turned away since Christ paid for our sins. The Son of God successfully reconciled our relationship with His Father. There is nothing holding God back from showing His true nature to you, and that true nature is love. He has great plans for the rest of your life and even better plans for your eternity with Him. It is safe for you to trust Him with absolutely everything. That includes the rest of your life and even your very soul.

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