Prayer for Unsaved IV (poem prayer by me)

Almighty God, we pray on behalf of the unsaved,
We pray for those who are not called Your people,
We pray for the iniquitous and the depraved,
That they would repent and turn from evil.

Oh Lord, You made us witnesses to what is true,
We speak about what we have seen and heard,
We tell them of Your wonders so they will seek You,
You have made Your character known in Your Word.
Open their eyes to the spiritual world,
Let them say, “Yes, Lord, You are my God,”
Let secrets be told and scrolls be unfurled,
Make skeptics aware and agnostics be in awe.

According to Your Word, since we all agree,
And ask for salvation of each loved one,
We know You hear our prayer clearly,
And trust by faith, it will be done.

You may not do it when we would prefer,
but to Your perfect judgement, we defer.

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