How Is Your Walk? (blog by me)

“How is your walk?” It’s a question that Christian friends have asked me at times over the years that caused me to reflect on my spiritual walk with the Lord. At times, I might have answered like this: Horrible! I can’t hear from God. I’m stuck in some spiritual traps of sin that I can’t get myself out of no matter how much I pray, and I have no idea what to do. Other times, I might have answered like this: Great! I’ve been going to church and reading my Bible. I still have some sins, but everybody sins, right?

In retrospect, I was far from God in both circumstances. In fact, I had walked with the Lord for many years before I even saw what a close walk looked like. How can you tell if you are walking closely with the Lord? Here are three elements:

  1. Loneliness is not a huge issue. Sure, you may feel lonely from time to time especially if you recently experienced the loss of someone close to you. Your kids may have recently moved out of the house, or you might have been through a divorce. However, there is a distinct and unexplained loneliness that comes from being far from God that haunts individuals even when they are with other people. When you are close to God, that loneliness is lifted because your spirit is always communing with Him. This time together satiates the soul’s need for intimate soul fellowship that can only be filled by God’s holy presence.

2. Prayers are answered often. No, answered prayers does not imply you get everything you want. On the contrary, it is the nature of your very prayer that changes. You stop praying for everything you want, but you start praying according to God’s will. Your will and God’s will become so closely intertwined that they are one and the same. Hence, God answers all kinds of your prayers from healing to finding lost keys quickly.

3. Opportunities are employed. When you are close to God and feel eager to serve His people out of gratitude for His mercy on your life, He opens doors for you to serve in the kingdom. God frees up time in your schedule, gives you the ability to carry it out, and the confidence to accept new challenges.

So then, I ask you today, “How is your walk?” If your walk with God is not as close as you would like, there are a few steps you can take. Get free from spiritual traps of sin by confession and prayer. Study the Word of God daily, and remain consistent at going to church and remaining in close relationship with other serious Christians. Finally, tell God your heart. Do you desperately want a close relationship with God? Let’s ask for it together: Lord, forgive me my sins and help me to get free from them. Deliver me from the small sins that are no big deal to me but are a big deal to me. Release me from the chains of the big sins that are impossible for me to lift off. Help me to draw near to You so that we can have the close relationship I desperately want to have with You, my good Father in heaven. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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