Song of Solomon 2 (blog by me)

Song of Solomon 2 is filled with imagery of blooming flowers and fruit. In verse 2, we read about “a lily among thorns.” This verse tells about One who is different than the others (and much more beautiful). When Jesus was conducting His ministry on earth, He was constantly under threat of religious people who were nothing but thorns. They claimed to bear fruit but never did. They were hypocrites, and Jesus symbolized His distaste for hypocrites when He cursed the fig tree that bore leaves but had no fruit. Yet when His disciples received the Holy Spirit, they became a fig trees that formed its early fruit (see Song of Solomon 2:13). Let’s recall Matthew 3:16 tells us the Spirit of God descended on Jesus like a dove. Verses 12 and 14 both make mention of a dove.

Let’s look closely at the captivating line in Song of Solomon 2:4. It states, “…let his banner over me be love.” That is what God stands for. That is what He intends to do. Instead of feeling intimidated or afraid, we can relaxed in His protection and know that we are covered by His love. We are provided for by His love. Our love has a future. We have been invited to the banquet with Christ (see Revelation 19:9).

Our future comes with a warning in verse 7: “…Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” God’s people should not fall for the false teachers that will come before Christ returns (see Matthew 24:4-5). These imposters are like foxes that ruin the vineyard (see Song of Solomon 2:15). If we stand firm to the end, we win the true prize of being with our beloved for eternity.

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