Drinking Glasses (blog by me)

Being raised by a single mom meant we didn’t have as much as everybody else, but God never failed to provide everything I needed. As an atheist, I never saw my provision as a gift from God. I thought the only way to get anything was to work hard to provide for myself. It has been a long and difficult road to trusting my Father in heaven for provision. Having been a Christian now for over twenty years, I am starting to catch on to hearing God’s voice, waiting on Him, and trusting Him to provide.

For the last few years, I had been looking for a certain kind of small drinking glasses. In spring of last year, I heard the Lord speak to me about it. He told me He wanted to give me the glasses for free. I was excited! A few weeks later, I saw my church friend was selling some small drinking glasses like the ones I wanted on Facebook. They were really inexpensive, but when I considered buying them I heard the Lord remind me that He said the glasses He would give me were free. So I didn’t buy the glasses and another week went by.

Then I was walking through my neighborhood, and I saw a box of brand new glasses marked “free” at one of the houses. I looked inside. They were exactly what I wanted! I took them home feeling satisfied that the Lord had provided for me exactly like He said. People still compliment us on the beauty of these simple little drinking glasses.

I hope this short testimony of God’s provision reminds you that the Lord will provide for you in a graceful and merciful way if you wait on Him. Isaiah 30:18 states, “Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you….”

3 thoughts on “Drinking Glasses (blog by me)

  1. I, too, was raised by a single Mom who chose to give me life when my father wanted to have me aborted. For years, I was angry with my father for deserting us. Then, one day, it was as if the Lord said to me, “You need to forgive him or your anger will eat away inside of you like cancer.” I was then able to not only forgive him but also thank God for him. And, this big burden was lifted off of my shoulders. Praise God! Thanks again for sharing.
    In Christ,

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  2. Last Sunday our pastor left us with the reflection question; ‘Share a moment in your life when you have experienced that “There is no other God like Yahweh!”’. Curiously enough, the discussion turned to the *small* things that God did for us. I truly believe God shows his Greatness in not only the big things like forgiving your absent parent, but the small things like trusting in Him for drinking glasses. God is great indeed!


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