Share Your Faith (blog by me)

Do you share your faith? It can be extremely unnerving. Lots of anxious questions might run through your mind. What if they reject me? Do I know my faith enough to share it? How can I share my faith when I have no idea what they believe? What will I do if they actually do believe? This blog will address your concerns so you can be at ease the next time you feel called to share your faith.

What if they reject me? Expect rejection. Jesus faced rejection and so will you. Remember when they reject you for their faith, they actually are rejecting Jesus—not you (see Luke 10:16). Most of the time, people will reject a friend’s faith but still be happy to carry on a relationship with you. Even if they don’t immediate believe, you have still planted the seeds. Just pray and then say. Then let God do the rest.

Do I know my faith enough to share it? Certainly, you should be reading your Bible and spending time in prayer every day. Yet, you can still share your faith even if you a new believer or someone who is not as devoted as others. There a few basic things that every Christian should know: 1) Jesus is the Son of God who died and rose again, 2) Jesus’ death paid for your sins, 3) Trusting Jesus for salvation is acceptance of eternal life, and 4) The Holy Spirit lives in believers. If you know those facts, you are qualified to share your faith.

How can I share my faith when I have no idea what they believe? Even if you studied all of the religions in the world, you would not necessarily know the details of what an individual believes. In fact, it can be presumptuous and offensive to assume you know what someone of a particular faith believes. Your love and curiosity for the person is your greatest tool. Ask them what they believe! And not just about anything—ask them what they believe about Jesus! Here is your in: So you’re _____________, right? What do you believe about Jesus? After carefully LISTENING, share what the Bible states about Jesus. Most people are savvy enough to know the Bible contains some truth. Tell them your story of how you believed. Most polite people will listen to a first-hand experience without much objection.

What will I do if they actually do believe? If the person you have shared your faith with wants to become a Christian by the grace of God, there is no need to panic. You do not have to memorize any prayer, but it would be a good idea to pray in that moment so the person can make an official commitment of acceptance of their eternal salvation in that moment. God will give you the words to say if you pray from your heart. It could be something like this, “God, __________ wants to accept you as their Savior because they trust Your Son died for their sins. Send Your Holy Spirit to help guide them through their lives. We thank You and praise You that they have received eternal life. In Christ’s Name, Amen.” You might want to talk to them about how they can maintain their relationship with God (by prayer, reading the Bible) and live in obedience to His Word (getting baptized, living in Christian fellowship with other believers). Offer to be there for this person. God may have chosen you to disciple him or her so don’t just walk away without an offer of support.

Sharing your faith gets easier the more often you do it. Your rejection is not yours—it’s Jesus’, and the rejection of your faith will probably not mean the end of your friendship. You only need to know the basics of your own faith to share and show curiosity and respect for the other person. Be ready to follow the Holy Spirit living in You in prayer if the person chooses to put their trust in Jesus Christ. If the person is wise enough to accept your words, you will become to them the most marvelous of all friends! As Romans 10:15 says, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

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