At My Door (poem by me)

It wasn’t the shadowman’s mysterious face,
that made me desire him more and more,
It was the warmth of his familiar embrace,
that convinced me to open the door.

Truly, it was willfull ignorance,
the scarlet banner I would raise,
woven with rich red threads of sin,
with it, I obstructed my gaze.

Woops! I let the banner slip,
I completely lost my firm grip,
A splendid light poured in,
That day, I was completely smitten.

The Lord that I love was at my door,
I love the Lord that was at my door,
There’s no end to the love that was at my door,
Our love is deeper than the ocean floor.

He unmasked the shadowman,
My old lover with no name,
His true identity: Satan,
I’m nauseated with shame.

Now the Lord’s banner is over me,
Each joyful step is brightly lit,
Every street is made of gold,
Each day our vow, I recommit.

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