The Christian Journey (poem by me)

(Inspired by Pilgrim's Progress)

When we begin our long journey,
sin makes it hard to stay on track,
in the muddy swamp of despondency,
it's ever so tempting to just turn back.
Stand firm in the faith, my friend!

We can make it about rule-keeping,
and find that challenge too tough,
we can forget it's Jesus we're seeking,
and that His sacrifice was enough.
Rest in grace, my friend!

So much fun to have under the sun,
we can forget the journey altogether,
daily life can be a distraction,
we can lose sight of the treasure.
Be content, my friend!

Pride spins a powerful web,
it binds us to our own image,
don't drink in every compliment said,
it could stall your soul's pilgrimage.
Stay humble, my friend!

Take hold of your Shepherd's loving hand,
He stands at the gate of the Promised Land.


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