Drinking Glasses (blog by me)

Being raised by a single mom meant we didn’t have as much as everybody else, but God never failed to provide everything I needed. As an atheist, I never saw my provision as a gift from God. I thought the only way to get anything was to work hard to provide for myself. It has been a long and difficult road to trusting my Father in heaven for provision. Having been a Christian now for over twenty years, I am starting to catch on to hearing God’s voice, waiting on Him, and trusting Him to provide.

For the last few years, I had been looking for a certain kind of small drinking glasses. In spring of last year, I heard the Lord speak to me about it. He told me He wanted to give me the glasses for free. I was excited! A few weeks later, I saw my church friend was selling some small drinking glasses like the ones I wanted on Facebook. They were really inexpensive, but when I considered buying them I heard the Lord remind me that He said the glasses He would give me were free. So I didn’t buy the glasses and another week went by.

Then I was walking through my neighborhood, and I saw a box of brand new glasses marked “free” at one of the houses. I looked inside. They were exactly what I wanted! I took them home feeling satisfied that the Lord had provided for me exactly like He said. People still compliment us on the beauty of these simple little drinking glasses.

I hope this short testimony of God’s provision reminds you that the Lord will provide for you in a graceful and merciful way if you wait on Him. Isaiah 30:18 states, “Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you….”

Love of Money (blog by me)

Movies and shows about serial killers and murderers have captivated the world, and I have spent my fair share of time watching them. It started with a curiosity why anyone would murder another human being. Murder seems so extreme. What could their motivation be? Were they crazy? After watching a large number of documentary-type shows, I realized their motivation was pretty simple. An overwhelming majority of murderers kill for money. And so 1 Timothy 6:10 stills ring true, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil…” The rest of the verse is less well-known, but it continues, “Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” By those words, we know the love of money is another spiritual trap.

Satan is a sneaky one. If he knows a Christian is a good person, he does not lead him away with promises of a mansion in Beverly Hills. He leads the person astray with promises of “comfort” and “security” especially for loved ones. As your comfort and security increase, the people around you have more and more making you feel like you need to keep up and before you know it, you are no longer seeking God but only money.

After I graduated from college, I reflected on the advice given me by the business professors. They advised the students to start investing in the stock market when you are young even if you don’t have much money because it will really grow by the time you retire. That’s just security, right? But the Holy Spirit told me something different in the moment I was contemplating an investment. He said, “Invest your money in the kingdom of God—not in the stock market.” I was already tithing, but I started giving to Christian organizations with the little I had and I have never been sorry.

Let’s get our hearts refocused on God today. “Lord, forgive me for putting my focus on providing for myself instead of trusting You for provision. Today, I choose to put my focus on You and Your kingdom. Help me and lead me to use my workplace as a way to show Your light. Help me to use my money to build up Your kingdom. I want to live for You because You gave up Your life for me. In Christ’s Name, Amen.”

Are Your Finances Blessed?


Jeremiah 29: 11 tells us the Lord has plans to prosper us. Yet, Christians go through periods when we do not feel prosperous at all. Sometimes all we need to do is stop comparing ourselves with people who have more than we do. Still, some of us truly struggle to provide for our family’s basic needs. If you are struggling to provide, consider a few possible reasons that your finances are not blessed. Are you refusing to be generous with your money? Are you using money to perpetuate sin? Are you failing to use your income wisely?

​In 2 Corinthians 9:7, we read that God loves a cheerful giver. If we use our income to provide only for our own needs, then why would God give us more than the bare minimum we need to cover our basic needs? Alternately, if we regularly use our income to provide for the needs of others…won’t God always bless us with extra money? You betcha!

I challenge you to use your money and stuff to make someone else’s day better. Consider giving to a local church, buying food to donate to a local food pantry, donating clothes and shoes to The Salvation Army or other organization that helps needy, or sponsoring a child at Compassion (This is a four-star charity according to Charity Navigator.) After you begin giving, you will see how extra money just kinda rolls in to cover your needs and others.

Supposing you are generous with the little you have, but you still struggle to provide. Let’s look at another common financial blessing blocker: sin. Sin leads to death, and God wants to give us life. Would a God who loves someone allow that person to have money in abundance if they use it to perpetuate a sin? Probably not. (Especially if that person has asked to be delivered from that sin.)

It really does not matter how much money you use for your sin of choice, it is the simple act of spending your income on sin that blocks the financial blessing. This is NOT to say that poor people are sinners and rich people never sin. The Bible shows us that is not true. However, God may allow money problems in your life if you repetitively use money for sin.

Another major reason Christians struggle to provide basic needs for their family is because they do not have a plan to use money wisely. Whether you make a little or a lot, you can stretch your income with a budget. Put away your credit cards for emergencies only!!!! The envelope budget is taught in many churches, but you do not have to attend a class to understand it. Click here to read how Dave Ramsey’s envelope budget system works.

It may sound too simple to be revolutionary, but you will see God’s amazing providence when you trust Him. You will draw near to God when you spend money wisely, give generously, and stop using money to sin. God’s face will shine upon you and His providence will flow freely upon you.

Dear Father, You are the giver of all good things. We thank You for the many ways in which You provide for us. We pray You would help us to plan and adhere to our budgets. Thank You that You love us even when we are bound by sin. Strengthen us and deliver us that we may have life in abundance. Inspire us to use give money as You would have us do. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

People say King Solomon was both rich with money and wisdom. Click here to read my poem called “King Solomon’s Advice.”

© 2015 Kim Bond

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