The Christian Journey (poem by me)

(Inspired by Pilgrim's Progress)

When we begin our long journey,
sin makes it hard to stay on track,
in the muddy swamp of despondency,
it's ever so tempting to just turn back.
Stand firm in the faith, my friend!

We can make it about rule-keeping,
and find that challenge too tough,
we can forget it's Jesus we're seeking,
and that His sacrifice was enough.
Rest in grace, my friend!

So much fun to have under the sun,
we can forget the journey altogether,
daily life can be a distraction,
we can lose sight of the treasure.
Be content, my friend!

Pride spins a powerful web,
it binds us to our own image,
don't drink in every compliment said,
it could stall your soul's pilgrimage.
Stay humble, my friend!

Take hold of your Shepherd's loving hand,
He stands at the gate of the Promised Land.


At My Door (poem by me)

It wasn’t the shadowman’s mysterious face,
that made me desire him more and more,
It was the warmth of his familiar embrace,
that convinced me to open the door.

Truly, it was willfull ignorance,
the scarlet banner I would raise,
woven with rich red threads of sin,
with it, I obstructed my gaze.

Woops! I let the banner slip,
I completely lost my firm grip,
A splendid light poured in,
That day, I was completely smitten.

The Lord that I love was at my door,
I love the Lord that was at my door,
There’s no end to the love that was at my door,
Our love is deeper than the ocean floor.

He unmasked the shadowman,
My old lover with no name,
His true identity: Satan,
I’m nauseated with shame.

Now the Lord’s banner is over me,
Each joyful step is brightly lit,
Every street is made of gold,
Each day our vow, I recommit.

Taste & See (poem by me)

I am the Samaritan woman at the well,
Jesus shared info about me no one else knows,
Amazed, I scrambled back to my hometown to tell,
We left all follow to Him wherever He goes.

I suffered much and touched the hem of His garment,
His all-consuming power healed my soul’s deep wounds,
No, death in this life of flesh is not permanent,
He’ll raise each one of us from our transient tombs.

I have wept at His feet and poured out costly oil,
He has forgiven even the most dire of sins,
He gave us brand new hearts, ones made of fertile soil,
A mustard seed of faith is how it all begins.

If you have read these words and truly understood,
Then you have tasted and seen that the Lord is good.

Come (prayer for the unsaved by me)

We pray for the salvation of loved ones today,
that they would gain supernatural wisdom,
and learn You are the truth, the life, and only Way,
You love them and welcome them into Your kingdom.

Let them look and see our faces are radiant,
For we know You and we behold Your glory,
We testify that You are life’s sweet, pleasing fragrance,
Open their ears to truly hear our true life story.

Lead us to the house of God with shouts of joy,
You will lead, and we will follow Your voice,
We will sing praises as part of Your envoy,
Eternally, we’ll worship You and forever rejoice.

Come, all those who are weary and heavily burdened,
Come to the One who binds the wounds of the hurting.

Prayer for Unsaved IV (poem prayer by me)

Almighty God, we pray on behalf of the unsaved,
We pray for those who are not called Your people,
We pray for the iniquitous and the depraved,
That they would repent and turn from evil.

Oh Lord, You made us witnesses to what is true,
We speak about what we have seen and heard,
We tell them of Your wonders so they will seek You,
You have made Your character known in Your Word.
Open their eyes to the spiritual world,
Let them say, “Yes, Lord, You are my God,”
Let secrets be told and scrolls be unfurled,
Make skeptics aware and agnostics be in awe.

According to Your Word, since we all agree,
And ask for salvation of each loved one,
We know You hear our prayer clearly,
And trust by faith, it will be done.

You may not do it when we would prefer,
but to Your perfect judgement, we defer.

Prayer for Our Nation (poem by me)

Lord, we have been hurt and suffering,

Restore, confirm, and establish us,

Satisfy our hunger and thirst with good things,

In You, Almighty God, we put our trust.

Help us to stay woke to the wickedness and corruption,

that seek to force their way in,

and also the corruption and persecution,

bring gang and drug violence to an end.

Remind us we are in a war for our souls,

and for the souls of friends and loved ones,

forgive us for being proud and sinful,

have mercy on our daughters and sons.

Lamb of God, we await the hour,

when You will return with glory and power!

Poetic Prayer for the Unsaved (poem by me)

Lord of all mankind, nothing is too hard for You,
Thank You for saving me and washing me of my sin,
I know You are real and Your Word is true,
Now I come before You for my friends and kin.

Open their eyes to see they strayed,
Let them repent of sin and comprehend,
Cause them to feel shame and disgrace,
So they’ll reach out for You before their life’s end.

Let them reach out for You and see You’re near,
You are knocking at their door even now,
You’re speaking to them — let them hear,
Let them open the door — show them how.

Show them that those who seek will find,
Reveal the depth of Your love and grace,
How Your Son died for the sins of mankind,
Illustrate how His punishment took our place.

Let them ask for and receive the Holy Spirit,
Like a kind Father, it’s Your good pleasure to give it.

*I pray in agreement for the salvation of your loved ones. In Christ’s Name, Amen!

But(t)s & Ewes (You’s) (poem by me)

But(t)s belong in the ashtray,
“But I only wanted to have fun,”
“But I am really a good person,”
That’s what people in hell say.

Ewes (You’s) belong to the Good Shepherd,
“You forgave all the sins of my life,”
“You sent Your Son as a sacrifice,”
That’s how those in heaven are accepted.

“’I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep.'”—John 10:14-15

It can be tempting to justify ourselves when talking to God with “But I.” However, it is futile to justify ourselves at all. We only have hope in God’s mercy. Do you ever try to justify yourself before God?

Building Fences (poem by me)

You, Believer, are a pure white vinyl fence,
Crowned with ornate posts secured in concrete,
Against sin, you have premium resistance,
Yet you are single and feel incomplete.

If you take an unbeliever as your spouse,
Your fence will be finished in wood with gaping holes,
Every kind of sin will rush into your house,
Your lover will delight in being exposed.

You will scream and rage about the ambush,
The sin that rushed in, and the pain it evoked,
Haven’t you read the warning in God’s book?
With unbelievers, do not be unequally yoked.

If you haven’t already made this mistake,
Prefer to spend your time among God’s people,
God will send you someone — please patiently wait,
Then you will be a superior fence with no equal.

“Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” —2Corinthians 6:14

It is right to spend some time showering God’s love on non-Christians, but our close relationships (tight friendships and love interests) should be with Christians who are equally devoted to God as we are. Which friends in your life should you spend more time with?

Excuse Me, Potter (poem by me)

When one studies men throughout history,
one must befriend their own mediocrity,
he must confess his grievous apathy,
and admit his pathetic passivity.

He must go to God humbly,
and say, “Lord, do what thou will with me”
for I am weak and unsatisfactory,
and You are strong and mighty.

“Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.” —Romans 12:1

Sometimes we forget God has a plan for each one of us, and we try to create our own legacy for our own glory. Do you have ambitious plans that you need to let go of so that God can accomplish His great plan for your life?