Our Deliverer (prayer)

Jer 30 17(Join me in prayer for the misused, exploited, or abused.)


We pray for people in our lives and in other parts of the world

Who have been misused, exploited, or abused.

We pray for opportunities and courage

For victims to leave dangerous circumstances.

Bring victory to organizations that reach out;

Give them success in their operations.

Convict the aggressors in their offensive ways

And cause them to confess and repent

Right now in the Name of Jesus,

Woe to those who refuse to repent,

Multiply their punishments.

Restore precious innocence

To those who have been robbed of it.

Completely heal and restore

Victims’ minds, bodies, and souls.

Open eyes to see that You are our

Savior, Rescuer, Defender, and Deliverer.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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