Rise Up (poem by me)

The one who dips in the bowl will betray,
Why did he come home stumbling drunk again?
Don’t be afraid; rise up and pray.

He fumbles his words with nonsense to say,
He smells of vomit mixed with coke and gin,
The one who dipped in the bowl will betray.

My impulse is to yell and run away,
My thoughts are venom and hope grows dim,
Don’t be afraid; rise up and pray.

It had felt like just another dull weekday,
He makes up a story about where he’s been,
The one who dipped in the bowl will betray.

His eyes reflect his moral decay,
His mouth curls into a wicked grin,
Don’t be afraid; rise up and pray.

He does not know the hurt he caused me today,
He laughs and says he’s committed no sin,
The one who dipped in the bowl will betray,
Don’t be afraid; rise up and pray.

“Evening and morning and at noon I utter my complaint and moan, and he hears my voice.” —Psalm 55:17

Prayer: Lord, We lift up those spouses, parents, children, friends, and others who are dealing with the ongoing consequences of alcoholism. We ask these people would be brought to repentance of their sin, hatred of their habits, and would call on You to deliver them. We pray You would hear their prayer and bring them out of that lifestyle for the amazing future You have in store for them. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

(BTW, I am alright. This is not my situation. It’s an expression of empathy towards those who are currently experiencing it. Thanks for caring though!)

NOTE:  If you or a loved one is living in an unsafe home situation, please remove yourself from this circumstance until it is made safe again. If no one believes you and will help you, keep telling your story and asking for help until someone does.


Meaningful Christmas (poem by me)

As I choose my Christmas tree, 
I meditate on the Trinity
For the pine is only one,
but its points consist of three. 

As I untangle a light string, 
I meditate on this awesome thing:
The light of the world is Jesus, 
my Messiah and my Holy King.

As I top the tree with a star, 
I see three wisemen from afar,
behold Mary hushing her Son,
through a stable door left ajar.

Underneath, I stack wrapped presents,
like jars of gold, myrrh, and frankincense,
Bestowed on a sleeping baby
who knew not their treasured contents.

When my kids run down the stair, 
Wrapping paper flies everywhere. 
Our smiles stretch from ear to ear,
as I read the Bible from my chair.

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Hide the Duct Tape (poem by me)

When we were first wed, my groom was hot,
He gave me things that could not be bought,
It wasn't until things got broke,
That I learned what his strengths were and were not.

I can fix stuff but I'm not that strong,
So my Honey-Do List was pretty long,
I was forced to admit in the end,
"Babe, it works but it's fixed completely wrong."

"You're smart and full of potential, Hank,
But fixing stuff with duct tape is so jank,
Buy a saw and a drill,
Go get some money from the bank."

Sixteen years later, I am proud to say,
Leaks and breaks don't keep him at bay,
He fixes things with skill,
And even trains our teen son named Trey. 

*Many of my poems are fiction, but this Rubaiyat poem truly captures
the amazing transformation of my wonderful husband. (Sadly, my cooking 
has not improved one bit since the day we married.)  

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A Father’s Love (poem by me)

Her father was a top architect,
Her mother a dear and loving housewife,
She was their one and only daughter
And she lived a privileged life.

Her dad studied the Barbie dream house
That she used to play with every day
And he built her a life-sized version
A gift for her 20th birthday.

An elevator instead of stairs,
An in-ground swimming pool in back,
A pink corvette parked in the driveway,
No trifling detail did it lack.

When she saw it, he thought she'd cry,
Hug him, kiss him, jump up and down,
Instead she rolled her eyes and gave a sigh
She said she'll sell it and buy a condo downtown.

Her mom said, "I wish our family was penniless.
Then you would see your father's love is priceless."

1Timothy 6:10 states, "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. 
Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced 
themselves with many griefs."

Draw Near is now accepting poems for Blessed Creation:
A Christian Poetry Collection. Details here: Call for Submissions.

Compassion & Reverence (prayer)

1 cor 13 7

(Join with me in prayer to bless your family.)


We thank You for our family,

Whether large or small,

Traditional or non-traditional.

We thank You for putting these people in our lives

And pray a blessing over them.

We pray that children would honor their parents,

That things would go well with them.

We pray that fathers would show compassion on their children,

For You have said even the wicked give good gifts to their children.

We pray that mothers would have reverent behavior,

And so teach their daughters to love their husbands.

In all of the ways we fail to be the family You designed,

Help us to become more virtuous.

Give them health and provision

And comfort them in times of loss and trial.

We pray we would draw nearer to You

That we may know You as our true Father.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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