Call for Submissions

Draw Near is currently accepting submissions for a new free ebook called Menagerie: An Anthology of Christian Writing. This publication will be a combination of exceptional fiction and poetry. Fiction shouswirl coverld be under 1,000 words. All genres will be considered. Narrative poetry will be shown preference. All forms (except shape poetry) will be considered. Please keep in mind that Draw Near is a Christian publisher. Everyone is welcome to submit. Quality submissions that reflect Christian values are the only ones that will be accepted.

Carefully read the following guidelines before submitting.

  1. Email your fiction or poem to Submit in the body of the email or as an attachment (.doc, .docx, .pdf). Avoid using special fonts and formats (such as centering, italics, etc). Include the title and “by” line in the email. (A pen name is okay.)
  2. You may include a short biography (optional). If your work is selected, Draw Near will share your bio in a blog. The bio must be in third person and consist of no more than three sentences. One link to your personal website or social media is acceptable.
  3. New or old poems will be accepted. Draw Near will accept work that you have published on the internet (on your website or a public forum). However, we are not interested in manuscripts that have already been accepted for publication by other publishers. Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please notify us immediately if your writing is accepted elsewhere.
  4. Submit a maximum of one story and three poems in one email/attachment. Fiction and poetry with indecent words or subjects will be rejected without consideration.
  5. The deadline is December 15, 2017. 
  6. Unfortunately, you will not be paid for your submission. Please submit only if you wish to glorify God and help others draw near to Christ. All submissions will be considered and acknowledged. However, Draw Near will only accept quality writing that adheres to these guidelines for publication.
  • you certify you are the author of the creative work.
  • you agree to give the publisher rights to publish your creative work in a single publication.
  • you authorize the publisher to make this publication available in print and electronic formats.
  • you agree to allow the publisher to post this publication on this website and other websites designed for hosting print and electronic formats.
  • you retain the copyright to your work.
  • you will be credited for your creative work (either as your real or pen name).

Still interested? Send in your poem to today!

Floor Proclivity ( a little something)

*This is a mini-fiction piece. If you were hoping for poetry, check out this free ebook filled with brilliant Christian poetry called Creator: A Christian Poetry Collection.

(Floor Proclivity + Authority Figure)/Height = x

My economics professor would stand at the front of the auditorium-like classroom and write formulas with vigor on a dry erase board, sidestepping to create equations as long as a python when suddenly he would disappear from sight, tumbling to the floor.  The first time, students showed concern — rushing forward to his aid.  The second time, students again offered to assist, this time with less urgency.  By the third class, students covered their grins with hands and notebooks.  At the end of the semester, no one so much as reacted when he fell without warning, not unlike a fainting goat.  Some thought he was insanely clumsy; I suspected an undiagnosed equilibrium disorder.  We respected him no less though.  He was tall — extremely tall, maybe 6’4.  And tall people inject a protective feeling in our subconscious, which lulls us into a relaxed, submissive state.  Therefore, his height trumped his underwhelming and frequent union with the speckled tile squares at our feet. Yet, the Lord sees no such thing.

….The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. —1Samuel 16:7

© 2016 Kim Bond

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