Perspective (poem by me)

While Noah was seeking refuge,
I was enjoying the deluge,
When you're a great white shark like me,
A flood just increases your territory.

Thanks to man's dirty dealings,
The rain gave us vaulted ceilings,
Within a forty-day time span,
The flood opened up our floor plan.

Each one of us hosted delicious feasts,
Until the floodwaters decreased,
We felt more than a little defeated,
When the excess water retreated.

Why it had to end, we may never understand,
But we heard that it worked out for Noah and his clan.

*Draw Near is now accepting poems for Blessed Creation:
A Christian Poetry Collection. Details here: Call for Submissions.

**"Perspective" is a fictional poem that seeks to show that world events 
can be seen as either a curse or a blessing based on the perspective. 
A flood that plagued mankind is a historical event recorded in Genesis 6-8. 
There is a bit of controversy surrounding whether or not sharks survived the 
flood. A great website named Got Questions addresses difficult questions 
using Scriptural support. Read their answer to whether or not sea creatures 
survived the flood here:

Dreams (poem by me)

Your human experience
leaks into my dreams…
Your burdens, your despair,
Your hopes, your prayers,
And you thought
You were all alone.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”—Matthew 5:3

Would you pray in agreement with me for those affected by recent flooding?
PRAYER: Lord, I pray for the families here in the US who have lost loved ones in the floods. Please comfort them with Your love. Please provide for those who have lost homes and belongings due to the rain. Have mercy on us, Lord, and move the rains quickly from us. Forgive us our sins. We praise You for Your care and concern for those who are in despair. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

*Draw Near is now accepting poems for Blessed Creation: A Christian Poetry Collection. Details here: Call for Submissions.


Peace in Times of Trouble (prayer)

Psalm 625(Join with me in prayer about recent devastation such as natural disasters like earthquakes or floods, catastrophic accidents like oil spills or plane crashes, and violent conflicts like war or terrorism.)


We pray for the victims of recent devastation.

Let the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones

Be comforted.

If any is injured,

Let them be be made well by Your healing power.

If any is spiritually or physically lost,

Let them be found by Your brilliant light.

We thank You and praise You that You

Never leave us nor forsake us

In good times or trouble.

Invigorate workers and volunteers

So their efforts would supersede their natural capabilities.

Give them special insight to assist in the best possible ways.

We pray peace over everyone involved

And that they would look to You for hope, provision, and restoration

For You are our Almighty God and Caring Father

Whose love is beyond compare.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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