Victory Awaits (poem by me)

On the beast, a woman sits,
She is glittering with gold,
Babylon the Great is her name,
Mother of Prostitutes is what she’s called,
She’s intoxicated with the blood of saints,
She leads and nations follow.

Babylon is the city the kings follow,
On seven hills, the city sits,
The kings wage war against the saints,
The Lamb triumphs in gold,
Lord of lords is what He’s called,
King of kings is His name.

Merchants weep at the sound of her name,
She’s afire with no fans who follow,
Doom and destruction is what she’s called,
Smoke and ash exist where she sits,
No more precious stones, no more gold,
Rejoice over her your prophets and saints.

“Hallelujah!” cries the multitude of saints,
Glory and power belong to His name
Elders fall down and worship God’s throne of gold,
The Lord God Almighty reigns and we follow,
At the wedding supper, His bride sits,
The Lamb weds those who are called.

The Word of God is what He’s called,
He brings justice for all the saints,
On a white horse, He sits,
Faithful and True is His name,
He leads; the armies of heaven follow,
He sits with many crowns of gold.

The kings were not saved by their gold,
“Feast, birds,” the angel called,
“Eat of the flesh of people who follow,
the beast and killed the saints,
Death to all who wore his name!
On His throne, our God sits.”

God rewards the saints and those that follow,
With crowns of gold and a powerful name,
Victory patiently sits, awaiting those who are called.

*Based on Revelation 17-20.

Blessed Service (prayer)

psalm 106 3(Please join me in this intercessory prayer for military, police, and firefighters)

Lord, I pray for your protection, provision, and wisdom

for the military service persons, police officers, and firefighters

in our lives as well as those living in or from my area.

I pray You would give them special spiritual discernment

for their unique circumstances.

I ask for an increased level of grace

so they can administer justice and benevolence.

I pray their presence would inspire lawfulness, respect, and peace.

I pray their motives would continue to be pure and

They would serve in every act of life with a

Continued sense of contentment and fulfillment

With a profound realization their work is meaningful and effective.

Let no evil befall them and no injury keep them down.

Relieve them every day of their stresses and burdens.

Inspire them to fear You and be led by You

That they may sense You—knowing that You created them

And authored justice.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

© 2015 Kim Bond

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