Poem to Santa from Me

Santa, if you are able—I have a big wish,
Please add maple cabinets for me to your list,
While you are at it—a pretty new floor,
And a modern backsplash, I would simply adore.

I have done the best I can without complaint,
Our old stuff has been fixed up with layers of paint,
But our cabinets are still just particle board,
And the linoleum floor could win an Ugly Award.

This year, I’ll admit I yelled at the kids a little,
Okay, maybe a lot or somewhere in the middle,
But one broke curfew; the other an end table,
They won’t change by the gentle retelling of a fable.

I won’t mind the elves banging and hammering away,
Just PLEASE give me a new kitchen on this Christmas Day!

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The Change (poem by me)

It was during harvest season,
When the autumn wind howls
I noticed a change in the mam
She had surely gone mad.

Her skin became sallow,
Her clothes no longer fit,
Black hair bulged out,
Rage was her prince.

She sought relief from balms,
Sent for the apothecary,
Applied some homeopathy,
No treatment could be found.

Beads of sweat dripped down,
Hell’s fire blazed within,
There was no hope for her,
Menopause had set in.



The Poet’s Struggle (poem by me)

If only my body had no need of sleep,
Unceasingly, I would write poetry
The fragrance of my words like potpourri,
Stirring the angels to weep.
Why do I waste my time?
Arranging words in symmetry,
Guaranteeing poverty and obscurity,
On such a trivial pastime.
I will stop writing today alas,
No wait, I'll stop tomorrow,
First let me express my sorrow,
In a touching epitaph.

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