A Prayer Sonnet for the Unsaved (by me)

Oh Gracious God, reveal yourself to our loved ones,
Bestow on them belief in Your Triune nature,
Cause them to confess sins with remorseful tongues,
Inspire them to trust in Your Son as their Savior.

Compel them to deny other religions,
Avoid false teaching and untrue prophecies,
Advise them to become baptized as Christians,
and invite the Holy Spirit in their bodies.

Let them hunger for Your Word and read it daily,
Kindle a desire to seek You and serve You,
Coach them to share the love of Christ bravely,
Lead them to a church that will see them through.

We exalt You, Father, above everything,
We praise You as our everlasting Lord and King!

*I pray in agreement for the salvation of your loved ones. In Christ’s Name, Amen!

Radiant Light (prayer)

2 Cor

(This is an intercessory prayer for persons who have renounced the Christian faith or relapsed back into a sinful lifestyle.)

Lord, You know the compassion we feel we feel for our loved ones,

You understand the graveness of our pleas,

Because You alone can peer into our hearts,

And clearly perceive

Our desire for this wayward child

To return home to You.

As much as we want it—

You want it more.

As much as we love them—

You love them more.

That’s how we know, without at doubt,

It is Your good pleasure to

Hear and answer our prayers.

Heal their inner pain and

Deliver them from negative internal thoughts

Teach them with truth,

Unwrap joy in their lives,

Show Yourself as radiant Light,

As the merciful Judge,

So they will return to You

Sure of faith,

Full of strength,

Pure of heart,

Free from sin,

And sanctified

For the rest of their lives.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

© 2015 Kim Bond

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