Awe & Wonder (poem by me)

Hummingbird, you are a stunning creature,
Your fast-flitting wings can hardly be seen,
Your long, graceful beak a trademark feature,
Your feathers are an iridescent sheen.

Ocean, you hold back so many secrets,
What man has the power to master you?
A habitat for turtles and egrets,
You have a nurturing and tame side too.

Mankind, you have so much ability,
You carry such capacity for love,
Bodies possess strength and agility,
Your heart, spirit, and mind—a treasure trove.

All began in God's imagination,
You are parts of a blessed creation.

*Draw Near is now accepting poems for Blessed Creation: 
A Christian Poetry Collection. Details here: Call for Submissions.

Jehovah Jireh (poem by me)

Lord, You are a diamond
set in real gold
Me, I am plain clay
Not much to behold.

Lord, You are a shiny new dime
ready to buy a ball of gum
Me, I am a piece of pocket lint
being flicked off a thumb.

God Almighty, Who am I
that You would notice me?
Jehovah Jireh, Who are we 
that You care for us so tenderly?

*Jehovah Jireh is a name of God derived from the translation of 
"The Lord will provide" (Genesis 22:14).
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Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection.