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Childhood Remembrances CoverI am pleased to introduce the contributing authors from Draw Near’s upcoming free ebook entitled Childhood Remembrances. In it, each talented author listed below has shared a meaningful lesson from his or her youth for the glory of God and your reading pleasure.

Ben Fine is a mathematician and professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut in the United States. He is a graduate of the MFA program at Fairfield University and is the author of thirteen books (eleven in mathematics, one on chess, one a political thriller) as well over 130 research articles, twelve short stories and a novella about Pirates. His story August 18, 1969 published in the Green Silk Journal was nominated for a Pushcart prize. His latest novel Out of Granada was released in July. His author website is

Deborah Hansen has been published in The Teacher Magazine, Florida Times-Union, First Coast Parent Magazine and most recently, Breathe Free Press, Runcible Spoon, and Burning House Press. She is the author of Character in Everything, a curriculum for school-aged children, and the author of two books: Broken Strings: Wisdom for Divorced and Separated Families and Nothing to Complain About: My 125-Day Journey to Become Complaint Free. Her third book, in progress, is a collection of her Haiku.

J. Ross Archer is a retired Colonel from the US Army where he served 23 years. He is an active Rotarian and a Gideon. He and his wife reside in Thomasville, Georgia and share five children, six grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Judy K. Haught, Christian 48 years. She began with short stories, and poetry. She discovered her writings were always ending with Christ as Victorious, showing Him as the “Great I Am.”

Leslie Anne Wood is a Christian motivational speaker and writer from the west Michigan area. Her ministry, Transforming Faith, helps non-believers to develop a personal relationship with Christ as their Savior and encourages believers to deepen their spiritual walk with the Lord. Learn more about her at

M. Liebchen grew up with dogs and cats, chickens and cows, and knows how they can impact our lives. She remembers her affection for them and theirs in return. Now she writes middle-grade novels that feature challenged characters and unusual animals, and short essays with a Christian slant.

Molly ~ wound dresser These are desperate days and people are losing hope in record numbers. “People need the LORD” just like the old Steve Green song said. My desire is to bring the gifts God has given me, of encouragement and teaching, to a world dying for hope and searching for the healing, I believe, only Jesus Christ can bring to the wounded heart.

Rebecca D. Bruner is an inspirational speaker and the author of six books. The longing of her heart is to see people fall deeply in love with Jesus. Connect with her online at

Sandra Hickman is an Australian writer, poet and songwriter. A contributing author to five Christian publications, and The Lamp Newsletter located in Michigan USA. An Intercessory Prayer and Ministry Leader, Evangelist, Missionary and Bible School graduate, residing in Western Australia.

Sandy Loam is the pen name of a wife and mother from Los Baños and Bay, Laguna, Philippines. A researcher at heart, she occasionally writes as the Lord leads. She also loves to sing and play some instruments, making melody in her heart, as well as gardening and sketching for the Lord.

Saranya Sridharan is an Indian Software Engineer by profession and a passionate author by choice. She has been blogging for around 6 years and has recently published a book titled Poetic Medley. She believes in motivating other people, inspiring them to be positive in their life. Her personal blog can be found here

Sumeet Manohare writes a self-improvement blog with some photography and music. Visit the “Accidental Blogger” at

Wanda J. Burnside is an author, poet, teacher and publisher/founder of The Lamp Newsletter. She is the founder and president of Write the Vision Ministries and Media Productions, Int’l. She has been married to Simmie Lee Burnside, Jr. since 1972. They reside in Detroit, MI.

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NEW RELEASE! Menagerie: An Anthology of Christian Writingswirl cover is now available! Click HERE to read this free ebook online right now or download it to read later. This diverse collection of stories and poems includes writings from a variety of authors. Draw Near is pleased to introduce some of the talented writers who contributed their work to this ebook.

David Meade I live in Arlington Texas, married 31 years, three daughters, and one golden retriever.  I am a graduate of Valparaiso University, mechanical engineering and I earned a Master of Business Degree from University of Texas, Arlington.  Love to write, paint, run, bake, and ride my bike!  I currently work for Thrivent Financial as a certified financial planner – a faith based organization helping people be wise with money and live generously.

DT Richards is the writing name of a Canadian Christian writer currently living and working in Singapore. His work has been published in Edify Fiction, among others, and he maintains a blog at He is deeply interested in how God works in people’s lives without them knowing it.

Judy K. Haught, Christian 48 years. She began with short stories, and poetry. She discovered her writings were always ending with Christ as Victorious, showing Him as the “Great I Am.”

Kim Rodrigues lives in Georgia and has served in the U.S. Navy. She currently works in the library. Kim loves spending time with her grandkids and all her family. Her current passion for poetry was ignited after taking some online classes. Kim’s greatest passion is for the Lord. She has earned a certificate in Christian Ministry through INSTE Bible College. She also loves to travel, dabbles in quilting, enjoys history.

Mercy Susanna is a 22-year-old girl from India who loves to minister through her writings. She is a compassionate indite poet, article writer, storyteller and works with the commentary on the Scripture. She is a firm Christian apologetic and is passionate to let the world know how the God Almighty is the only Creator of this universe and Jesus Christ the Son is the only Saviour of this world. Her recent writings ‘How I met Jesus’ and ’21st Century Church-Where is this going?’ are found online on her blog MercySusanna~orisonbardsuz.

Molly ~ wound dresser These are desperate days and people are losing hope in record numbers. “People need the LORD” just like the old Steve Green song said. My desire is to bring the gifts God has given me, of encouragement and teaching, to a world dying for hope and searching for the healing, I believe, only Jesus Christ can bring to the wounded heart.

Nicholas Froumis practices optometry in the Bay Area. His writing has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has appeared in Gravel, Right Hand Pointing, The Penwood Review, WestWard Quarterly, and Ground Fresh Thursday.  He lives in San Jose, CA with his wife, novelist Stacy Froumis, and their daughter.

Rabbi Ben Avraham is originally from Queens, New York City, born in 1954. He was ordained as Messianic Rabbi in 2005 at Shema Yisrael Theological Seminary in Miami, FL and went to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He is married with 6 grown kids and 9 grandkids.

Ruth Asch is a much-published poet and prose writer. After years of teaching she is venturing into a career editing and proof-reading in order to give more time to her husband and five children. Her writings can be found online, in many anthologies, and in her volume Reflections (2009 St Austin Press).

Saranya Sridharan is an Indian Software Engineer by profession and a passionate author by choice. She has been blogging for around 6 years and  has recently published a book titled “Poetic Medley”. She believes in motivating other people, inspiring them to be positive in their life.

Wanda J. Burnside is an author, poet, teacher and publisher/founder of The Lamp Newsletter. She is the founder and president of Write the Vision Ministries and Media Productions, Int’l. She has been married to Simmie Lee Burnside, Jr. since 1972. They reside in Detroit, MI.

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Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection is now available as a free ebook right here on Draw Near and on Smashwords for easy reading on Kindle, KOBO, and more. 

…truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. —Matthew 18:19BESEECH

International headlines report horrific atrocities year round. Worse yet, some appalling issues never get reported because they are ongoing problems. Christians recognize the need for prayer but find it challenging to know what to pray about. Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection provides beautiful prayers written by talented authors to guide Christians in their devotional time with God. Some of the authors have written prayers that specifically address the issues faced by their own homelands. Others authors have penned petitions for nations they have visited or researched. All of them have volunteered to write prayers in the hope you will come into agreement with them to bring about positive change in the world. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to some of the authors….

A. Sonia Morris I am representing the island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines because it is the land of my birth. This is a beautiful group of islands with the capital being Kingstown on the main island of St.Vincent. Another reason is because she could use a touch from the Beautiful One, Jesus Christ. The other nation I represent is Iran. My prayer is in support of the great move of God happening right now in Iran and for protection of the believers there. I am praying that God does even more and that everyone gets to hear and have the opportunity to choose Jesus. Something quirky about me is that I remember quirky facts and figures and I love languages and pretty anything creative that displays our great God of variety. Divine art can be anything God created as a delight. I have authored three books: Walking in Fulfillment of Prophetic Revelation: The Naturally Supernatural Life; Light to Pierce Your Dark Night; and A Table Narrative of the 7 Churches of Revelation: An End Time Church Typology. All available on Amazon under my name “Auriol Sonia Morris. You can also find my blog about walking out our God-given destinies at Praise Him!

I am Balikoowa Joshua and a born again Christian. I am the founder of Balikoowa Joshua Ministries International, a teaching ministry that focuses on a believer’s victory in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. I wrote a prayer for Burundi owing to the political and economic  conflicts that have escalated in almost half a year. There has been a need for God to restore  the country of Burundi. My book is called…Conquering Lying Vanities and my blog is called…

Christine V Mitchell I am an author, poet, writer, musician, caregiver and administrator. I am a pastor’s wife, mother of four and grandmother of two. My cultural background is Caribbean, but England, UK, is my country of birth. I chose to write a prayer for England as I desire to see God’s intervention in the land. While there is uncertainty in many areas of life, and faith in God is sometimes given negative reporting by the media, the light of God shines in thousands of lives throughout the country. It is my prayer that hope may arise in broken hearts, filled with despair and looking for answers, and that many may come to experience the love of God and reality of Jesus Christ in their lives. I am thankful for having come to faith in Christ in my teens. Life’s challenges have been many, from my childhood upwards, but God’s overwhelming love has been steadfast. God helped me to write many songs in my youth but, since 2003, He has inspired me with numerous poems of praise and adoration, comfort and reassurance. Within a 4-year period, I wrote over 400 poems ~ infused with a passion to share God’s love through them. In 2014, I published two books ~ Forever Grateful and Comfort & Hope. Both are available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle e-book. My third book of poems, A Closer Walk on The Journey With God will be published in 2016. I also publish my poetry on social media (see links below). I am the UK Ministry Leader and Staff Writer for the Lamp Newsletter in Detroit, USA. I love a nice hot cup of tea, even in hot summer, straight after a cold drink! (; Facebook: christinespoetrycorner, Blog:, Email:

Estela O. Canama I choose my beloved country, the Philippines for this is one way of extending my gratitude for my native land. The Philippines is a nation of hospitable people especially to the foreigners. It is the only Christian nation in Asia. In our country we are not exempted to the different natural and man-made disasters thus, we need earnest petitions. I am a freelance writer and poet. It took so many years after knowing God’s will for me. But, God has revealed His perfect plan for me, just on time. I am now giving back to God the wisdom He has given to me through my writings.

Gabrielle Elisco  My name is Gabrielle, though most who know me refer to me as Gabby. In this prayer collection I represented the country Israel. Israel has always remained close and dear to my heart as it is the nation of God’s people. This very land holds the ground in which our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, placed His feet and lived his thirty-three year ministry on this earth. As Psalm 122:6 states, “Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper,” I am encouraged to lift this nation in prayer with a loving heart, as my Lord so greatly loves this special nation. As for me, I reside in western Pennsylvania in a city called, New Castle, which is the nation’s capital for fireworks and hot dogs. Go ahead, you are encouraged to laugh at our city’s credentials. I am a child social worker, specifically working with foster children. In case you are wondering, they impact my life much more than I could impact theirs. For more information, please visit my webpage, for encouraging words and much more. I am currently in the process of publishing my first book, Becoming Your Best While Waiting for His Best which is making it’s way to the book shelves. Please feel free to contact me, I would love to hear from you. God bless, and in His love always, Gabrielle

My name is Jennifer Siaba. I am a 41 year old mother of 2 children. This year I have felt led to focus on being present. One of the ways I am doing this is by praying in the moment. I have been writing a lot of prayers for my online friends and family. Often times people will ask for prayer or we offer to pray but how often do we stop what we are doing and pray in the moment. I was inspired to prayer for the nation of Afghanistan after reading about a story about a man named Josef, an Afghanistan man that was living in a cave, for fear of his life after his family found out about his conversion to Christianity. Many people in our country suffer from their own forms of individual oppression and persecution, daily storms and wars. However, this man’s story is a true inspiration of what it’s like to lay down your life and pick up the cross and follow our Lord and Savior.

Judy K. Haught I write to glorify the Lord for all He has done for me. The sudden death of my 45 yr. old daughter, and her 22 yr. old son, one and one half year later, I found solace in writing. My confirmation came through Scripture. Psalm 45:1(b) “My tongue is a pen of a ready writer.”

Mary Harwell Sayler I chose the Vatican because it’s more than a country. It’s the spiritual center for Christianity, which includes every country, but, unlike the others, has a Christ-centered head of state. On its grounds resides the history of the Church, which includes every part of the Body of Christ. As an ecumenical Christian, I’ve been part of most of those parts! I pray my poems and writing, especially for The Word Center blog, help to bring all of us together in Jesus’ Name.

I am Mercy Susanna from India. I’m a 20 year old girl fascinated with writing. I came to faith when I was 16. It’s been a very close walk with Jesus, since I’ve been saved, and hoping to continue till the end. Though India is my birth place, I wrote ‘Prayer for Syria’, because God has laid this nation on my heart since long. I know that there are many prophecies against this country, against the city of Damascus, but I believe that God has sent His only beloved Son into this dusty earth to save the ‘whole’ world. The One who calls us to repentance, His love has been and is being demonstrated through the work of His hands and by His grace. My heart has grown weary to the civil war and the Syrian refugees who have been struggling to find a place to lay their heads down. There are few Christian believers who chose to stay there to shine the light of Christ, despite the hard persecution. So the prayer is about the salvation and protection to be brought upon the nation. I had been into writing over the past decade, but now I’m in awe of writing for Him since last two years, from the time I had been saved. I write poems, articles, commentary, and short stories. I thank Kim Bond for giving me this beautiful opportunity which makes me explore wider in Him. All glory to the Father! God bless, all the nations. Here’s the link to visit my blog:

Molly ~ wound dresser It was in 2002, at a weekly citywide prayer gathering in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that I first began to pray for the nation of China. Then, as now, I weep whenever I pray for her. She is so dearly loved by the Lord, I cannot help but love her, too. My hope is that many others will begin using this prayer, as they intercede for this nation that is so treasured by God. I prayed about doing an additional prayer for this book, and God answered me in one word, “Ghana.” As I wrote this prayer, I could tangibly feel the LORD’s great love for this nation, therefore, it is my privilege to pray for the people of Ghana, and her Church. May His Kingdom come, and His will be done in this nation (and in all these nations) as it is in heaven. amen.  ~ wound dresser

Ramelle T. Lee I am an author, poet, writer, speaker and businesswoman. I am the founder and president of Touching Your Heart Ministries (since 2006), CEO of Treasures from Heaven Ministries, contributing writer of the Lamp Newsletter and Administrative Assistant of The Called Ready Writers. I selected to pray for the country of Chile because of the constant threat of volcanoes, earthquakes and other catastrophic events that may cause tremendous devastation to the health, well- being and life of the Chilean people. Therefore, my prayer is asking for God’s protection to cover Chile to keep them secure from all harm. I want Him to bring the Chilean people blessings, hope and peace every day of their lives. My writer’s life began in 2002, after being employed for 31 years in healthcare administration. The company’s economic downsizing resulted in the permanent lost of my job. The following month, I fell and severely broke my ankle at home. This required major surgery, a cast, physical therapy and rehabilitation. My life appeared to be at a dead-end. However, while in convalescence, I discovered a newspaper advertisement from a Christian writer’s guild in the Michigan Chronicle. The ad stated, “Are You Called to Write for God?” That got my attention. Although I was still on my walker, I drove to my first writer’s meeting. When I arrived, the group was standing and holding hands in a prayer circle. I crept over to them on my walker. I joined hands with two ladies. I later found out one lady was the president and the other one was the founder of the guild. The meetings major discussion involved their upcoming poetry workshop. Each participant was required to bring a selection of eight of their poems. I didn’t have one poem. However, God helped me to write the required poems and attend the workshop. Since then, I have published over fifty different poems. I have a distribution of more than 7,000 copies of my poems throughout the United States and around the world. In 2005, I wrote two books. My first book is Step into His Greatness. I have sold and given over 1,000 copies of that book. In 2013, I published a guidebook for committed Christian writers. In 2015, a revised edition of Step into His Greatness was released. It is available on in paperback and Kindle format, AbeBooks and Alibris. I have a full line of ministry products which consist of special gift items, poetry productions, six specialty gift baskets and various other inspirational gifts. These items are available for purchase by directly contacting me. View my poetry videos on my website: I graduated from Highland Park Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Secretarial Science. I am also certified as a Registered Health Information Technician from the American Health Information Management Association. God has opened many doors for me over the past ten years. He has given me the opportunity to minister through my inspirational writings and Christian poetry. Contact Information: Author Ramelle T. Lee, Founder
Touching Your Heart Ministries
P.O. Box 119
Lincoln Park, MI 48146-0119

Raymond Nsalange I am Evangelist Pastor Raymond Nsalange. My prayer for Zambia displays my true heart with impassioned pleas to the Lord, for a great God-visitation for my beloved homeland. I live in Western Australia with my wife and fellow pastor, Tari Nsalange. We have four children. I am Senior Pastor at Jabez Ministries and Missions International, Kwinana W.A., Founding Director of DCEMI in Florida USA, Victory Bible College Graduate in Zambia/ Theology/ and Women’s Counselling in Theology and Child Training. I was the former Vice President, Missions Director and Crusade Manager for Balm Ministries Int. Zambia, and Senior Pastor at Balm Christian Centre in Swakopmund, Namibia in 2001, Founder of Jedidiah Christian Academy Zambia, a former resident of the USA and speaker with Radio Ministry broadcast on, and DCEMI Radio Segment on I am the grandson of the highly respected and much loved former president of Zambia – President Michael Sata, who is recently deceased on 28th October 2014, being highly honoured by his nation at a Zambian State Funeral, televised on the BBC TV network. I can be contacted on:

Richard Nata I pray for Indonesia because I love Indonesia. I was born, grew and lived in Indonesia. I am an entrepreneur, consultant to Go Public (IPO) in Indonesia Stock Exchange, author, novelist, essayist, blogger and ghost writer. My articles, including short stories, are published in magazines and newspapers since 1994. I have written a lot of books, both fiction, and nonfiction. So I am a professional in the field of writing, both fiction, and non-fiction. Contact me via FacebookTwitter, Blog, Google+, and LinkedIn. My blogs: and My eBooks: 1) There is evidence evil curse in polygamy, 2) 150+ Proof Muhammad is the Antichrist, 3) 25 Ways Students Can Make Big Money Quickly, 4) 30 Step-By-Step Guide: How To Skyrocket Your Income Through Blogging. My social media: 1), 2), 3), 4), 5)

Sandra Hickman I am an Australian Christian author, writer, poet and songwriter. I am a mother of two adult daughters and I have eight grandchildren. I chose to write a prayer for my beloved Nation of Australia, having a passion for reconciliation between the indigenous aboriginal and white Australians. I believe Australia is highly favoured by God, we are known as the “lucky country” and the “land down-under”… However, the first words ever spoken over this country by a European, were by a Christian Portuguese explorer who named this nation, “The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.” Our nation was named after God by the leading of His Spirit! I also pledged to pray for South Africa, as my missions ministry there in 2006 was life changing. Since childhood I had always wanted to be a missionary, and travel to Africa. I developed a deep love for the African people, the Lord let me see them through His eyes, He showed me their plight and struggle throughout all the years of racism. God broke my heart for His beautiful people of Africa. My family heritage is white Australian and Australian indigenous. I have an African son in-law and grandson. Thus giving me family ties to both of these great nations. I am a Missionary having served in Africa, India and China, an Evangelist, a local Church Ministry Leader and Sunday School Mentor. I graduated from Bible School In 2005. I am the Australian Headquarters Ministry Leader, and Staff Writer for the Lamp Newsletter in Detroit. I am a Contributing Author to four Christian Publications. My love for ‘words’ began at an early age. I just adored the English language with all its intricacies. Alongside Scripture Class, English was my favourite subject. Writing essays was always a joy for me. I will be publishing my first book entitled, THE LETTER in 2016. My contact is :

Walter L. Ellison, Jr. – I am originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  My parents were faithful Christians and set a high example of Christian behavior all of their lives.  My grandmother and mother were always in prayer.  I was blessed to have a friend who took me to Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, a spirit filled church of praise, worship, prayer and discipleship.  I stayed there for the next 14 years before moving to New York.  In that time, I learned and re-learned the importance of intercessory prayer and fasting and saw many examples of God’s power on the earth. When I saw Kim’s invitation to pray for the nations, I knew the Holy Spirit wanted me to change my attitude about the people of North Korea.  I grew up believing that they and other communists were the enemy and should be destroyed.  Everything I had learned growing up, going to the Naval Academy and serving in the military told me that they were evil.  At all earlier times, when I prayed about North Korea, I prayed for their death and destruction. But, as soon as I saw Kim’s invitation, the Holy Spirit convicted me for not understanding that I had the blessing of growing up in America.  I had read Shin Dong-hyuk’s book Escape from Camp 14.  His descriptions of his life, having been born in a North Korean prison camp, his escape to freedom, this was a work of God.  And, if God was willing to do work in North Korea, his plan for the people was for their good.  While they may have evil leadership, they have a suppressed people, denied the word of God. They need intercessors to pray for them.  Their leaders do all they can to deny them even the opportunity to know of Christ.  If the Church is ever to be ready for the full return of Christ, the light of his word must be spread to every nation and tongue, to all people.  North Korea is no exception to that principle. My further prayer is that the Church will use Kim’s book as a means to intercede on behalf of people everywhere.  All people should have the opportunity to know and follow Christ.  “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32  Thank you for this opportunity to pray and share prayer with others.

Wanda J. Burnside I am a writer, poet, author and the publisher/founder of THE LAMP NEWSLETTER established in 2008. I am the founder/president of “Write the Vision Ministries and Media Productions, International” (since 1995). I am also CEO of “Treasures from Heaven Ministries” and the president of “The Called and Ready Writers.” I am the poetry editor in this Christian organization. In 1972, I graduated from the University of Detroit. I received a B.S. in Humanities-Early Education-grades K-7. I have taught in public and private schools in Michigan. I have privately tutored children, teens and adults in various areas of learning. I am certified in several Christian ministries from William Tyndale Bible College and Detroit Bible College. I further pursued Christian education at Charles Harrison Mason Church of God in Christ Bible College in Detroit. I am one of their founding students. I wrote two prayers for countries: Ireland and Honduras. God laid these countries on my heart because each one represents family connections in my life. Ireland and Honduras are both deeply rooted in me. Ireland is the homeland of my two great-great grandfathers. My mother, Missionary Willie Lee Palm’s father is a McCann. My mother’s father is a Campbell. So, my grandmother, Mrs. Blanche Campbell McCann, shared many stories about both sides of the family down through the years. I felt compelled to write a fervent prayer for Ireland because of my ancestral blood ties. Although I never had the opportunity to meet my great-great grandfathers, I have always had a deep love for the Irish. I offered prayer for them so that God will help and bless them on every level of their needs. I want them to prosper and to seek the face of God for His guidance, provisions and peace. I want the Irish to walk and live by the Word of God. Honduras is very close to my heart because I learned and heard about the struggles, poverty, and devastation in that land as a child. My parents, Elder Minor Palm, Jr. and Missionary Willie Lee Palm, were dedicated foreign mission leaders and workers who were appointed by their pastor, Bishop U. E. Miller of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., to do missions work to benefit, support and meet the desperate needs of the Hondurans. My parents built and organized a full committee who together worked faithfully, tirelessly and diligently in this area for more than 40 years. My parents are now deceased, but the work to help Honduras continues. Since 1953, I have been writing poetry and stories. My writing journey started early at the age of only 3 years old. While my young dad was at work, my dear sweet young mother home schooled me. My mom taught me to listen for the rhyming sounds of words. After a few lessons of hearing groups of short sounding words like: at, cat, bat, sat and so on, I caught on! My mom taught me about helping words like: a, the, in, it, and other words. So, after a few more lessons, I was ready to write my first poem at 3 years old! Using my best penmanship, I carefully wrote my first poem, “A Cat.” The poem was only two lines: A cat, In a hat. The thrill and the excitement of my mom seeing this composition sparked a real celebration at home when my dad returned home from work and read his little girl’s poem. The family celebrated by calling grandparents and relatives near and far. That was it! I was off to writing poems and then little stories that amazed everyone. For over 60 years, I have been blessed to accomplish many things in my writing mission. I am an award-winning writer, author and poet. I have received numerous awards in writing. My articles, devotionals, prayers, short stories, and gospel messages are regularly published in books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and anthologies. I have published a full-line of gospel tracts, motivational posters, inspirational greeting cards, and various poetry productions. I have published 15 books. In 2013, I published my book, Don’t Mess With Me! Who Do You Think You Are? My next book, I Surrender, will be published in 2016. I have written more than 1,000 poems, 22 performed plays for children and four drama productions for adults. I have several poetry videos displayed on my website to minister to people. In 1972, I married Mr. Simmie Lee Burnside, Jr. He is a devoted husband. Simmie is the manager of “Write the Vision Ministries and Media Productions, International.” Since 1995, Simmie and I have diligently worked in our ministries to minister and bless women, men, teens, and children. Throughout each year, we have special events and projects to help those in need and in great despair. One of our ministry themes is, “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God” (Isaiah 40:1 KJV). Simmie and I are committed to be obedient to this command from God. Contact information:
Wanda J. Burnside
P.O. Box 125
Dearborn, MI 48121-0125
Email:, Website:
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Goodreads
Several of my books are available on:,, (free delivery),,