Prayer for Our Nation (poem by me)

Lord, we have been hurt and suffering,

Restore, confirm, and establish us,

Satisfy our hunger and thirst with good things,

In You, Almighty God, we put our trust.

Help us to stay woke to the wickedness and corruption,

that seek to force their way in,

and also the corruption and persecution,

bring gang and drug violence to an end.

Remind us we are in a war for our souls,

and for the souls of friends and loved ones,

forgive us for being proud and sinful,

have mercy on our daughters and sons.

Lamb of God, we await the hour,

when You will return with glory and power!

The Fall of Babylon (poem by me)

An angel proclaims the gospel
in each language, nation and tribe,
even to the bitter and hostile,
to every person alive.

A second angel flies says in midair
“Fallen is Babylon the Great,”
nations drink of her affairs,
destruction is her final fate.

A third angel follows the path,
warning not to worship the beast,
lest they drink of God’s wrath,
ev’ryone from greatest to least.

Blessed are those who die in the Lord
and rest in peace from their labor.

*Based on Revelation 14:6-13.
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Favor for Our Nation (prayer)

Philippians 4 7

(Join with me in prayer for your nation.)


Thank You for all the favor our nation has received.

Instruct us to disciple future generations in the way of the Lord

So that our country would increase in favor.

Help our people to turn away from attitudes and desires

That grieve Your Holy Spirit.

I pray Your watchful eye would be upon us

And our eyes would be upon You.

I pray every tool the Enemy conceives

To harm Your creation would be thwarted.

I pray our nation would prosper,

Yet treasure You above all else.

I pray we would share Christ over all of the earth

So that whether we are at peace or at war,

Our hearts would be guided by God’s peace,

Which transcends all understanding.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

© 2015 Kim Bond

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