Who Does God Love? (poem by me)

God shows no favoritism,
He loves men; He loves women,
He loves them from all nations,
God loves those who love Him.

God loves the little children,
He loves the abandoned,
He loves the heartbroken,
God loves those who love Him.

God loves those who’ve sinned,
Those who are grief-stricken,
who want to begin again,
God loves those who love Him.

“I love those who love me,and those who seek me find me.” —Proverbs 8:17

Beseech His Grace (poem by me)

The nations who pine after riches
are stricken with destitution;
Countries who lost their hope
have children in prostitution;
Nations with proud heritages
are taunted by afflictions;
Those who proclaim they are free
are tethered by addictions.

Who among men will plead their case?
Let those who call on God beseech His grace.

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Prayer for Malawi


Wildflowers in Malawi

by Kim Bond


I pray for Your country that You love—Malawi.

Thank you for these beautiful African people;

they are like wildflowers sunning themselves in a field.

Rain down a rich blessing on the poor in this nation

for You have made them heirs to a divine inheritance.

Heap Your love, mercy, and grace as high

as the magnificent Mount Mulange

for Your love is as deeper than Lake Malawi.

We praise You that You have populated

this land with a large number of Christians.

Make them swift as the antelope to carry Your Word

to every corner—from swamp to shore.

Quadruple the number and size of fish drawn out of its waters,

and likewise quadruple the number and size of disciples

raised up by Your missionaries across its land—

from Mzuzu in the north to Blantyre in the south.

Extend the free gift of salvation to the

unreached people of Gujarati, Kachchi, Swahili, and Yao.

Bring an end to the disastrous flooding

according to Your enduring and everlasting kindness.

Weave together a quilt of cooperation among missionaries, officials, and others

to improve the quality of life for its people especially in the areas of

economy, communication, and infrastructure.

Raise Your hand to halt the AIDS/HIV epidemic,

and heal those on beds of suffering with Your loving touch.

Shine Your righteous light in every corner

so every man, woman, and child knows that

calling on Your glorious Name gives power to the weak,

wisdom to the foolish, and hope to the hopeless.

Thank You, Lord, for hearing our prayer.

In Christ’s Name,


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