Porn’s Illusion (poem by me)

Turns out the diamond was only a quartz,
The Botox smiles were bloated with tears,
Makeup downstairs masked the genital warts,
Cocaine and Drambuie dispelled the fears.

A mangled misused juvenile inside,
No one to protect, nurture, or treasure,
Her morals and virtue went by the wayside,
She reasoned she lived for others’ pleasure.

Porn is a tunnel-boring machine,
for crippled hearts and crushed souls,
It digs and dredges a deep ravine,
Her soul, your soul, their souls—all black holes.

Do you want to know and taste real love?
God’s Son paved your freedom in His blood.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” —Galatians 5:1

Human Trafficking (poem by me)

She’s my daughter,
She’s her sister,
She’s their friend,
but to others, she’s just a picture
in the end.

She’s a model,
She’s a stripper
She’s more than that—
She’s a victim.

She sells her body
but it takes a toll on her soul
And the money, well she has to hand it over
to her earthly master—
yep, the human trafficker.

The girl was tricked and nabbed
Escaping’s not a possibility
‘cause if she runs or blabs
they will strike her family.

They feed her drugs and lots of gin
Cause she hates all this
And has to fake all this
But buyers are fooled by her sexy grin.

Buyers buy, sell, and facilitate
because they have money to compensate
But would they really if they knew the truth that…
She’s my daughter,
She’s her sister,
She’s their friend
And ultimately, she’s God’s daughter
in the end.

*January is human trafficking awareness month.

**Need help praying for persons who have been exploited, misused, or abused? This and many other focused prayers can be found in Draw Near’s free ebook called Wings Like Eagles: A Prayer Book. Just click HERE to access it.


Sexual Myths Exposed


I hear lots of myths circulating among single Christians. Are you a single Christian who has been deceived by sexual myths? Keep reading to learn the truth about three infamous myths.

MYTH #1) MY FUTURE SPOUSE WANTS ME TO BE EXPERIENCED IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Christian men and women desire someone who is pure. Choosing to either watch pornography or have premarital sex muddles your heart, mind, and spirit. You are also distancing yourself from God when you engage in these sins. Plus, you run the risk of becoming addicted, contracting a disease, or getting pregnant. Your future spouse would prefer to discover this new activity together with you. If you are dating someone who wishes you were more experienced, I would question whether this person is really the right one for you.

MYTH #2) I NEED TO HAVE PREMARITAL SEX TO KNOW WHETHER OR NOT I AM SEXUALLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE PERSON I AM PLANNING TO MARRY. Not only is this statement a myth, the concept of sexual compatibility is also a myth. Sex was designed to be an expression of your love for your spouse. Your major focus should be on bringing pleasure to the other person. Since people are unique, it requires time to learn the best way to give your spouse the most pleasurable experience. So good sex depends on knowing one another, and it also depends on the health of the relationship. If one person stops working to maintain the relationship, your sex life will could become less pleasurable even if it was fun at the beginning of the relationship.

MYTH#3) IF I HAVE BEEN SEXUALLY ACTIVE IN THE PAST, I AM NO LONGER VALUABLE. The right person is going to love you no matter what. God has forgiven all of the sins in your life including any sexual sins you were engaged in. You can be completely honest with both God and your future spouse about your sexual history.

If you keep studying God’s Word and putting it into practice, you will be completely prepared for your future spouse. Don’t worry about a thing.

I hope you have enjoyed this Christian & Single blog series. I have not written from the high and mighty position of having done everything right. I have written from the humble view of having made mistakes and watching the Lord make everything work together for my good. God has great plans for you. I am praying for you to stumble onto that loving someone while clinging to the Lord.

© 2015 Kim Bond

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God is a god of promises. He makes a lot of them, and He keeps them all. While God does not want us to put rituals before Him, we can read in the Bible that rituals have a place in our relationship with Him. He is a God of covenants and contracts and of written promises.

It seems right that as children of God we would also enter into contracts and written promises with Him. What kind of contract would You enter? I am thinking our contracts (or written promises) might include promises to give up certain sins like misusing alcohol, sex, drugs, food, etc. It might include taking a step to becoming more Christlike like promising to volunteer time, to tithe or be more generous, or to read our Bible more.


Hebrews 13:4 states, “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure…” Is God calling you to a life of purity? Maybe you are unmarried and tempted to have premarital sex although you want to wait….or maybe you’re someone who views pornography but wants to make a commitment to stop…or perhaps you have been cheating on your spouse and feel ashamed before God. Whatever your circumstance, God is waiting for you to make a real commitment to Him to stop.

Some families encourage their children to enter into a purity contract to refrain from premarital sex, then give them purity rings to remind them of their promise.

  • If you have decided to wait until you are married and have never entered into a contract, I encourage you to do so right now. Your written promise might look like this: I promise to God, my future spouse, and myself to keep my mind and body sexually pure until marriage.
  • If you want to promise to stop viewing pornography, you may want to make a slightly different promise like this: I promise to God, my (future) spouse, and myself to keep my eyes, mind, and body from sexual immorality and pornography.
  •  If you struggle with faithfulness, consider this promise: I promise to God, my spouse, and myself to stop all adulterous affairs, confess my unfaithfulness to my spouse, and never enter into another affair.

These are short samples of what your sexual purity contract could be. You can personalize your promise and include Scripture and details or keep it simple. Just remember to type, print, and sign your very own purity contract. It could be the beginning of something beautiful. I pray you will have strength and success on your path to purity.


Moderation commitments are for areas of your life that need more discipline. Moderation contracts should not be used for known sinful behavior. Moderation contracts are for normal activities that may require more discipline in your life. Christians feel convicted by simple activities that are out of balance like overconsumption of food, drinking excess amounts of caffeine, and oversleeping.

  • Your written promise may look like, “I promise God and myself to consume food only for nutrition and not out of boredom or comfort.” It could contain more details like a promise to consume more fruits and vegetables or encouraging verses. (Serious eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can be life-threatening. Seek professional counseling instead of contracts for eating disorders.)
  •  Another example may be “I promise God and myself to enjoy a suitable amount of rest in my life to renew and refresh my body. I promise not to sleep to avoid problems. I choose to embrace joy and life by rising in a joyful mood and tackling the day with God.” It might include a goal bedtime and wake-up time or a limit. Your promise may include a promise not to be late to work by pressing snooze.
  • Over caffeinated? “I promise God and myself to drink only 2 cups of caffeinated coffee/tea/energy drink per day. I trust God to give me energy to do all of the things He wants me to do today.”

Your moderation contract may be something completely different. Listen and pray for what it is God is asking you to be more disciplined about. Just remember to type or write your promise and sign your name to it.


There are easy ways to enrich your life, the lives of others, and your own relationship with God. They could include decisions to become more generous with your time and money. Some examples would be to attend church more often or to give your time by volunteering your service or to contribute money to needy people.

Sometimes all we need to do is change our attitude around. Instead of thinking of some things as chores, we should consider them opportunities. Think of all the opportunities these promises would provide for you to meet people….people who could become your spouse or your best friend. I hope that motivates your attitude to change, but I hope your deepest motivation to enter a contract is love. Let it be love….love for God that you want to become more like His Son and love for His people that you want to help them realize there is a God through your generosity.

  • Your contract might read, “I promise to God and myself to attend church every Sunday that I am not sick or out of town.” If you already attend church, maybe you could promise to invite at least one person per month or season or year.
  • It might say, “I promise to God and myself to volunteer my service to at least one event per year.” It could be something specific like volunteering to act as a childcare worker at your church or in your community.
  • Your written promise might say, “I promise to God and myself to give to every person/organization who requests money…even if it is just one dollar.” Your contract may involve finding one organization where you give regularly. It may state something about giving things instead of money.

These are just examples. Feel free to write your own enrichment promise about whatever God has called you to do. Either write or type and print your promises. Just remember to sign your name. Then enjoy your new enriched life.

REMEMBER your salvation does NOT depend on your holiness. Jesus’ blood on the cross has purchased your salvation. These written promises only act as a tool to help you draw near to the Lord with an increasingly holy life. It is an outward display of a renewed heart and mind. It is a helpful reminder to our flesh to yield to the Holy Spirit as He guides us into a more holy life.

© 2015 Kim Bond

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