Spiritual Sight

I remember when I was first diagnosed with nearsightedness at the age of 12. The doctors fitted me with contacts and eyeglasses. Suddenly and dramatically, I could clearly see each individual leaf on the tree outside the tall glass building where my doctor’s office was located. Suddenly I was able to see how absolutely beautiful the landscape looked to everyone else.

Over the next ten years, my prescription continued to grow stronger. I developed a love-hate relationship with glasses and contacts. Contacts bothered my eyes—mostly because my days were long and my lifestyle was active. Glasses were no better. They were uncomfortable, and I frequently lost them. That’s why I decided to get surgery to correct my vision.

Back then, doctors mainly performed radial keratotomy (RK) to correct vision. There was some risk involved. It was possible I could need contacts and glasses because it was not corrected enough. Another possibly was that my sight would be over-corrected, in which case I would be farsighted. Then there was the risk of something worse like infection. I was warned that even patients with perfect outcomes had the tendency to return to nearsightedness as they aged. Regardless of the risk, I stood firm on my decision to receive the surgery.

Just before the scheduled eye surgery, something amazing happened. I became a Christian. With my newfound faith, I began to pray incessantly that the surgery would be smooth and successful. The procedure did go well. It went really well, in fact. After I had healed from the surgery, I was able to see perfectly without glasses or contacts.

No experience has been more symbolic of my conversion to Christianity than this one. I had been unable to see the reality of God and His plan of salvation just like I was unable to see the details of the world around me due to my nearsightedness. Yet after surgery, I was able to see perfectly with my physical eyes just as God had spiritually opened my eyes. The Holy Spirit gave my heart a sudden understanding of the presence of God and His amazing plan for salvation.

It has now been over twenty years since my vision correction surgery. As the doctors had warned, my eyes did develop a mild nearsightedness. For a few years, I needed glasses for driving only. Oddly, even that mild nearsightedness has since disappeared on its own. I now see perfectly (20/20) again. I still wear glasses occasionally because it helps with the glare, but I am happy to report that God blessed me with two wonderful gifts: the ability to see physically and (more importantly) the ability to see spiritually. If interested, you can read my compelling salvation story HERE.

I hope you have made that important decision to receive Christ so that you can have access to that mysterious presence of God and be welcomed into that secret knowledge that is only available to those who welcome the Holy Spirit into their being. Thanks for reading and God bless!





More Than Luck

Psalm 121:7 says, “The LORD will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life…”

The sound of screeching tires sends a chill down my spine. The terror probably started with the car accident I experienced as a child. My dad was driving my brother and me home from a Christmas party when our car was hit by a drunk driver. The car was incredibly mangled, and my dad and I were hospitalized for awhile. Yet when I look at the picture of that car, I wonder how we survived at all! People have always said we were lucky, and for a number of years I agreed. Now, I am absolutely positive it was not luck. It was the Lord who protected our lives.

A similar experience happened again when I was a teenager. I was driving at night down a curvy, two-lane road when suddenly my car slipped off the edge of the pavement into a small ditch. I over-corrected by pulling the steering wheel too much and flipped the car completely upside down!  My door was jammed, but I was able to crawl out of the window. My only injury was a tiny scratch. For years, I considered myself merely lucky.

It wasn’t until I saw how the Lord protected my son that I truly understood how God has kept watch over me and my loved ones. I could be called somewhat of a “helicopter mom” because of the way I have always watched over my son. That’s not my nature, but it is something I have learned because of his inordinate attraction to dangerous situations.

I suppose this can be said of many boys, but with my kid it seems like something more. It like there is an invisible force that means to do him harm. If I shared every harrowing encounter he has experienced, we would be here all day so I will just share a few examples. He nearly choked to death—thanks to God, he lived. He nearly drowned while swimming in a river when he was pinned under by the current—thanks to God, he still lives. Then there is his asthma—thanks to God, he is well.

I trust God’s Word to do exactly what He says in Psalm 121:7. Psalm 121:7 says, “The LORD will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life…” I need only reflect on the wonderful ways the Lord has kept this promise (even before I knew Him). What greater love is there than this? Only that He would lay His own life down for us that we may have eternal life.

Although our physical bodies may one day die, we can fully trust in God’s protection over our eternal lives if we have received salvation. If we accept Christ’s blood as payment for our sins, we can know that we will receive the promise of eternal life. God is full of love, true to His promises, and never lies. I pray your life and the life of your loved ones is anointed by the protection offered in Psalm 121:7 and that all of you accept His blood as payment for your sins that you all may receive eternal life. God bless!

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