Spiritual Power (blog by me)

There are lots of young people turning to Wicca, “white” witchcraft, Reiki, Kundalini, psychadelic drugs, angel/tarot cards, crystals in search of spiritual power. They may have pure motives like wanting to help or heal people. What perplexes me is why they do not turn to the living God to seek power in the Holy Spirit. How much more powerful the Holy Spirit is than any other spirit!

While all of these other practices require something of you like shadow work or meditation or things that risk your own health and investments of time and money, God has already paid your way with Jesus’ blood! And since we receive G.R.A.C.E. (God’s Riches At Christ’s Expenese), how offensive it is to God when we turn to other things for spiritual power!

God only wants you and your heart. Give the Lord your new attitude that is to seek Him only and get rid of everything else. He does not want to share you with any other thing. He loves you and can pour out His healing ointment on you and will hear your prayers to heal others and you will see results! He is the One with all of the power in the universe, and His children walk with Him in ultimate power as well. Nothing can stand against the blood of His precious Son and our Savior Jesus.

Who Is Your Elected Prince? (blog by me)

Even in the spiritual realm, we have elections. Adam was our first representative, and he elected Satan the prince of mankind when he ate of the fruit God commanded him not to eat. Really? Satan is the prince of earth? Yes, that’s what Jesus said in John 14:30, when He states, “I will not say much more to you, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold over me…” Satan has not died, and his term has not yet ended so he is still the elected prince of mankind to this day. His objectives are to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). He has already been condemned and sentenced to an everlasting fire by a just God (John 16:11). Common sense tells you a crew goes down with the captain in his seeking ship. Individuals will suffer the same fate if they remain under his rule (Matthew 25:41). Yet, there is hope.

There is another kingdom—a place of refuge that is waiting for those to seek asylum in it. Not only that, but we can become spiritual citizens of this kingdom right now. God has named His own Son the prince, and He is called “Prince of Peace.” We can cast our vote for Him to be our Lord by putting our trust in Him. Unlike the prince of this world, the Prince of Peace has come to give life abundantly (John 10:10). He wants to prosper us and give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). Are you ready to cast Your vote for Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Prince of Peace? Are you ready to seek asylum in His kingdom? Will you be willing to live with Him eternally in heaven instead of going down with the prince of this world? If yes, then call out to Him!

Prayer: Lord, Yes! Yes, we name You lord of our lives. We choose You! I trust You that You paid for my sins with Your precious blood. This is only possible because You are the perfect Son of God. Yet, You rose from the dead and conquered death for me. Send Your Holy Spirit to live in me so I can have eternal life with You. Thank You for hearing my prayer. In the Risen Christ’s Name, Amen.

The Christian Journey (poem by me)

(Inspired by Pilgrim's Progress)

When we begin our long journey,
sin makes it hard to stay on track,
in the muddy swamp of despondency,
it's ever so tempting to just turn back.
Stand firm in the faith, my friend!

We can make it about rule-keeping,
and find that challenge too tough,
we can forget it's Jesus we're seeking,
and that His sacrifice was enough.
Rest in grace, my friend!

So much fun to have under the sun,
we can forget the journey altogether,
daily life can be a distraction,
we can lose sight of the treasure.
Be content, my friend!

Pride spins a powerful web,
it binds us to our own image,
don't drink in every compliment said,
it could stall your soul's pilgrimage.
Stay humble, my friend!

Take hold of your Shepherd's loving hand,
He stands at the gate of the Promised Land.


Offended by God (blog by me)

Jesus’ miracles caused Him to gain a large number of followers besides the twelve apostles. Many gathered to listen to Him preach. One day, He taught they must eat His flesh and drink His blood to have life (see John 6:53-60). Upon hearing this, many were offended and turned away from following Christ. The disciples who stuck by His side learned Jesus was talking in the spiritual sense and not the literal sense, but those who turned away lost the opportunity to learn from the living God!

Have you been offended by God? Is there a Scripture that causes you to question the authenticity of the Word? Don’t turn from the living God or His Word. Taking offense is simply a spiritual trap set by the enemy to get us out of relationship with God. Choose to trust in Christ today and stand by His side. Ask for a clearer understanding. Let’s pray together, “Lord, forgive me for taking offense to You and Your Word. Help my attitude and mindset toward these offenses to match Yours. I trust You and know that You are more righteous than I am. I praise You and thank You for being a loving God who wants what is best for us. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

Religious Spirit (blog by me)

The Pharisees and chief priests of Jesus’ time were familiar with Scripture, but they denied the true spirit of the law. Since they had no relationship with God, they were unable to recognize Him when He appeared right before their eyes in the man of Jesus. They were caught in a trap of a religious spirit.

Someone caught up in the spiritual trap of a religious spirit is more concerned with following the rules than following Christ. He or she is quick to criticize anyone who fails to follow their own moral code, but they fail to fulfill the greatest commandments to love God and love others (see Matthew 22:36-40). Sadly, this spiritual trap fills the one caught in it with pride and blocks a genuine relationship with the Lord.

For the most part, I am painfully aware of my inability to live up to God’s standard. However, I have with much effort been somewhat successful at living up to my own set of rules at certain times in my life. It is then that I feel a self-satisfying pride that is particularly ugly, leads me far from God, and quiets His voice. When I confess my sins and humbly call on the Lord, He is eager to hear my prayer.

Are you guilty of having a religious spirit? Jesus is patiently waiting for you to get back on the right track today so He can live in a close relationship with you. Let’s say this prayer together: “Lord, forgive me for my religious spirit. I confess I have been more concerned about rules than following You. Help my heart to seek after You and love You above all else. Help me to love others instead of criticizing them. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (see Romans 3:23). From this day forward, guide me to operate in a spirit of grace to myself and others. Thank You, Lord, for the grace You have shown me in Your great mercy. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

Sexual Sin (blog by me)

Sexual sin is a spiritual trap that includes a wide variety of activities from viewing pornography to premarital sex and various forms of sexual perversion. God has made it clear in the Bible that sex is for one man who is married to one woman. Any sexual activity outside of that constitutes sin. Sex can create spiritual bonds that are difficult to break.

Just like the other spiritual traps, persons are first tempted, then try it, and soon are caught in it. In order to be delivered from it, one must first admit they want help. Some people are proud of their sexual sins and delight in them. This is not the type of person that will find release. One must acknowledge that it is a sin, decide they want to be freed from it, and ask God for deliverance. Then our merciful God will reach down and set the person free.

Are you caught in the spiritual trap of sexual sin? Start the process of getting free with this prayer: Lord, I admit I guilty of sexual sin. Forgive me and deliver me from it. Help me to live a pure life according to Your plan for marriage and sex. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

Spiritual Traps (blog by me)

Since creation, men and women have been tempted to do wrong against God and others. James 1:13 tells us God does not tempt us to do evil, but we know the Enemy of our souls does tempt us. The first time we sin, we feel conviction. The second time, it is a little less. After the sin has become a habit, we no longer even think it is wrong.

Nearly everyone of us can identify with some spiritual trap. One is pursuing money as a main goal in life. Another is rebellion against authority and God. Yet another is sex outside of marriage or other forms of sexual perversion. Drunkenness and/or drug use is yet another spiritual trap. Dabbling in the occult, witchcraft (regardless of intent), and New Age practices are some others. Trusting in other religions is one more, and this is not an exhaustive list.

All of these spiritual traps lead us away from God. They are types of unfaithfulness. God has the power to deliver people from these traps if they call on Him. If you are stuck in one of these sins, confess your sin to God and call on the Name of Jesus Christ for deliverance. God is waiting for you to call on Him. Do it today!

Sin is an Escape Room (Poem by Me)

Ev’ry sin is a kind of escape room,
Sometimes Satan leads you in a wrong door,
Sometimes you are in the room from the womb,
People spend years in there staring at the floor.

Then a friend lifts your head,
Instead it could be a blunt confession,
Or a heartfelt prayer opens your eyes to see,
Else a verse frees you from the oppression.

You wait for the doorway to be unbarred,
Refuse to take the devil’s communion,
Sneak courageously past the demon guard,
And run for your dear life from loss and ruin.

In the Spirit of the Lord, there’s freedom*,
He restores what the locusts have eaten**.

*See 2nd Corinthians 3:17.
**See Joel 2:25.