Rise Up (poem by me)

The one who dips in the bowl will betray,
Why did he come home stumbling drunk again?
Don’t be afraid; rise up and pray.

He fumbles his words with nonsense to say,
He smells of vomit mixed with coke and gin,
The one who dipped in the bowl will betray.

My impulse is to yell and run away,
My thoughts are venom and hope grows dim,
Don’t be afraid; rise up and pray.

It had felt like just another dull weekday,
He makes up a story about where he’s been,
The one who dipped in the bowl will betray.

His eyes reflect his moral decay,
His mouth curls into a wicked grin,
Don’t be afraid; rise up and pray.

He does not know the hurt he caused me today,
He laughs and says he’s committed no sin,
The one who dipped in the bowl will betray,
Don’t be afraid; rise up and pray.

“Evening and morning and at noon I utter my complaint and moan, and he hears my voice.” —Psalm 55:17

Prayer: Lord, We lift up those spouses, parents, children, friends, and others who are dealing with the ongoing consequences of alcoholism. We ask these people would be brought to repentance of their sin, hatred of their habits, and would call on You to deliver them. We pray You would hear their prayer and bring them out of that lifestyle for the amazing future You have in store for them. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

(BTW, I am alright. This is not my situation. It’s an expression of empathy towards those who are currently experiencing it. Thanks for caring though!)

NOTE:  If you or a loved one is living in an unsafe home situation, please remove yourself from this circumstance until it is made safe again. If no one believes you and will help you, keep telling your story and asking for help until someone does.


The Villain (poem by me)

When I kissed those lips,
It was the same lips 
that had never been nursed 
by a mother's breast.

When I kissed your cheek,
It was the same cheek 
that had one day been slapped 
by your mom in a fitful rage.

When I signed on the line,
I should have read the fine print,
that most days you would 
inwardly cringe from me,
as you once cringed from her,
and you would live in fear
you would be abandoned
because she had forsaken you.

I only ask that you give me 
a clean slate—a fresh start,
I ask you to see me for me 
instead of making me 
into shadow puppets
of your villainous mother.

*This is a FICTIONAL poem written from the perspective of a woman who had married 
a man with a harsh childhood. The truth is I am married to a well-adjusted man 
with a caring mother.

**Pray for the nations. It is easy with this free ebook: 
Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection.

Treasure Love (prayer)

1 Tim 1 5

(If you are married or want to be married one day, please join me in prayer for your spouse.)


Help us to always treasure our spouses (or future spouses),

And think of them fondly

With gratitude for the person

You created them to be.

Open our hearts to marvel at

The ways they reflect Your glory.

Help us, oh God, to stand by our vows

And to be the spouse You want us to be.

Renew our love every day,

And give us Your eyes to see

The beauty within one another.

Give them health to live out the plan

You have for their lives.

Help us to order our priorities

According to Your Word.

Inspire us to turn from sin

And to be good parents or mentors.

May we live in faithfulness

To each other and to You

And love one another

Unselfishly and sacrificially

As You love us.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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For Victims of Physical Abuse

psYou vowed to love your spouse forever. You meant every word of your marriage vow…even now that your purple bruises are more common than romantic dinners. You begged God to make the abuse stop. You begged God to change him. You begged God to make your marriage work. Why isn’t He listening to your requests?

My question for you is this: Are you listening to God? What is He asking you to do? What if He is asking you to leave your spouse to go to a safe place to live until your spouse gets help? Are you willing to listen to His divine guidance?

If you have been physically abused by your spouse, ask God what He wants you to do now with an open heart. Do not be afraid to hear the answer. Just ask: Lord, what do You want me to do? Do you want me to move out?

Listen for that still small voice. If you have children that are being abused by your spouse or are forced to watch abuse to you, it is your responsibility to move out and take them to a safe place. God hears you. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Please listen for His guidance for your life. God bless!

Lord, I pray for people in abusive relationships. I pray they would know Your deep love for them and hear Your plan for their life loud and clear. I pray You would give them the courage to follow through with all You have called them to do. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

© 2015 Kim Bond

Draw Near exists to glorify God and help others draw near to Christ by providing free resources. Click here to learn more about God and here to access free Christian ebooks. Thanks for visiting. Stay blessed!

For Victims of Emotional Abuse


As Christians, we are not exempt from the problems of the world. Many of us ask for prayers in tough situations. In fact, some prayer requests I have read even recount signs of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse seems to surface often in romantic relationships and parent-child relationships, but it could be in employment settings or friendships, etc.

Signs of emotional abuse include:

  • Blaming when it is inappropriate. Abusers cannot accept their own faults. They rarely apologize and will most often shift their own blame to the victim.
  • Manipulating the victim’s emotions by rejecting him/her. It is healthy sometimes for an angry person to walk away and cool off, but an abuser might refuse to communicate for the purpose of controlling their victim’s emotions.
  • Humiliating and isolating the victim. Abusers will often call their victim names and keep them from maintaining healthy friendships.

If you think you are the victim of emotional abuse, know that God cares deeply for you. He knows your pain and wants to help. Victims must find the peace that comes only from God when the abuser becomes angry and abusive. They should be aware they are highly treasured no matter how the abuser tries to manipulate them. Even when the storms blow, we can keep calm and recite the truth of God’s Word about ourselves as the children of God.

I strongly recommend prayer, supportive friends, scheduling a talk with your pastor, and the help of a Christian counselor. They will be your best resources since they can gain a good understanding of your particular situation.

If you have endured emotional abuse, you may be walking around feeling the weight of your own sin along with the heavy burden of blame heaped on by your abuser. Remember that as a Christian, you no longer need to carry the weight of a sin burden. Click here to enjoy a beautiful song with touching images called “What Sin?”

If you are not a Christian, consider giving your life to Jesus today. His blood already paid your sin debt but if you do not receive the payment then you are still in your sin. You cannot pay for this sin yourself. Only the blood of a sinless man, Jesus, can pay for your sin. Accept God’s plan of salvation by crying out to the Lord in prayer right now. Jesus, I accept your blood as payment for my lifetime of sin. I believe you died and rose again on the third day. I want to have an eternal life that is free from pain in heaven with you. Amen.

That’s all it takes to become a Christian. Blessings!

© 2015 Kim Bond

Draw Near exists to glorify God and help others draw near to Christ by providing free resources. Click here to learn more about God and here to access free Christian ebooks. Thanks for visiting. Stay blessed!