A Safe Bet (short story by me)

Eli Jeffrey, VI uploaded his clone profile to the dating website.  He was a sixth-generation clone looking for a female clone of the same generation.  The closest computer match was an eighth-generation clone named Savannah Gardner, VIII.  Although their bodies were both roughly 24 years old, he thought it could be weird dating a clone whose original human dated back to 2036.  After all, that was when cloning first began to get popular.

It was shortly after the United States federal government legalized physician-assisted suicide without limitation.  Terminally ill patients had undergone legal physician-assisted suicides for years, but then the right to die was extended to anyone who wants to die.  After some glorified media cases of celebrities exercising their right to die, thousands of healthy young people elected to receive physician-assisted suicides.

In response to the deaths, fearful parents starting cell banking their children’s DNA.  If their child committed suicide, they would order a clone from the cryogenically preserved cells.  And they did. They cloned loved ones by the thousands.  Then, companies were cloning people by the millions.  It eliminated the need to give birth.  In fact, babies being born were so rare that Eli had never met an original baby before in his lifetime.

Since the computer found no female sixth-generation matches, he removed his profile from the dating site.  He hung his head.  Inside, he knew who was going to marry all along.  It was the same clone as the last three generations had married.  Eli Jeffrey, IV had married Alyssa Dearing, IV.  Eli Jeffrey, V had married Alyssa Dearing, V.  Now, he would follow the tradition of marrying his clone’s compatible match—Alyssa Dearing, IV.  It was a safe bet.

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Copyright 2017 Kim Bond

Wholesome Endeavors

1 JOhn 4 7(Join me in prayer about modern and future scientific advancements.)


Thank You for the Christian contribution to scientific advancement

Especially those made in medicine, healthcare, and technology.

We pray You would continue to inspire new innovations

To improve life and alleviate human suffering through Your servants.

We pray mankind would take a stand against

The unethical and illegal use of scientific advancements,

Especially those related to pharmaceuticals, food production, and medical procedures.

We pray mankind would turn away from

Sinful and illegal behavior made convenient by technology

Including communicating for the purpose of hacking, terrorist activity, and human trafficking.

We pray Your people would fear You enough

To avoid involvement in unethical or questionable research

But would continue to pursue endeavors that promote

Wellbeing for all including the sick and impoverished

For we know whatever we do for the least of these

Has been done for You, our Beloved Lord.

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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